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Trump led the January 6th Star Bungled Revolution capitol desecration Featured

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In the War of 1812, Francis  Scott Keys wrote The Star-Spangled Banner, a tribute to our flag kept aloft by patriots who sacrificed their lives every time it was knocked down one perilous night by withering cannon fire from 100 + British Men of War anchored off Fort McHenry. The Fort was not a full-fledged military establishment and contained many families with abundant women and children but that was immaterial to the invaders. 

On Jan. 6, X-President Trump’s shock troops turned our flag upside down and used their poles to stab, maim, and kill police, hunt legislators they could murder, and desecrated the U.S. Capitol a stone’s throw from the White House the British burned during the same War of 1812. Men and women in the hundreds of thousands have died under our flag to preserve freedom and our way of life. It’s a time of choosing whether we are Americans, or worshipers of pagan god.

The Trumplican Party has destroyed its predecessor, the Republican Party, and substituted in its place an autocratic, “save us, oh great leader,” mindless, blind, cult led by a puffed-up 2nd rate reality TV star whose life has been entirely consumed with self-dealing, frauds, would-be election thieving, and racially obsessed tyrant. Ronald Reagan was an actor who became president. Trump is a liar out of the lowest common denominator backwater of TV, a loudmouth buffoon who exemplifies and encourages the worst of human impulses and proclaims them to be virtues. 

Trump, in his vainglorious attempt to remain relevant, and in furtherance of the evil design through which he seeks a dynastic rule over a once free nation, is the biggest threat America has faced since the 2nd World War. If Trump puts children in animal cages, encourages police to rough up arrestees, attacks peaceful protests with military might, and proclaims the virtues of murderous leaders across the globe, what are his limits if there is none to restrain his craven impulses? 

Patriots are not the murderous “tourists” who rampaged through the Capitol and give insurrectionists cover, comfort and aid. Patriots are not the Trumplicans who worship a modern version of the Biblical Golden Calf. Patriots, history has shown, are men and women who, at peril, dare to honor the  meaning behind the flag that flies over America the beautiful . They stand up to lies, big and small, from the troglodyte who has hypnotized millions of his fellow citizens into a state that resembles nothing so much as a mass Stockholm Syndrome.

When history is written, how will it judge any who did not love country enough to fight for its preservation in the form the founders intended? Go to any cemetery. Walk the rows and count the veterans’ graves. To do less than protect and defend the cause for which they lived, and so many died, is the gravest of grave insults to our war dead that can be imagined. The choice is valor over venality; love of country versus lassitude; and preservation over tomfoolery. Eventually, if not stopped, Trump, the Russian stooge may preside over the end of America as we know it, and if so, who will bless us then because God surely won’t. 

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