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Metairie, Louisiana

capitol oldWith tax dollars scarce in Louisiana, this should be the time to discuss streamlining on the state and local levels. Just how many boards, commissions, water districts, sewer districts, parish auditors, law enforcement offices, and other special districts are spread throughout Louisiana? Some estimates are as high as 7,000. No one really seems to know. Would you believe that no agency, public or private, can list all the public bodies that exist in Louisiana today? And if no one knows that number, then it goes without saying that no one can even begin to know the overlapping costs.

beauregardDid New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the City of New Orleans err when it took down the statue of P.G.T. Beauregard last night?


by Jim Miller
The Saints went into this offseason with one goal: To improve a porous and often humiliating defense. Have they achieved their goal? Barring any 11th hour acquisitions, the unqualified answer at this point is, well, uh, maybe!

Are the events relating to the firing of the FBI Director James Comey by Donald Trump the catalyst for another constitutional crisis such as Watergate?

Caroline Picture 4This is a question I asked the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, President Caroline Fredrickson today in a Facebook Live interview.  


bernie pinsonatBernie Pinsonat has released his SMOR spring poll, 2017 today and the honeymoon is over for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. Also, as expected, the state loves TOPS, hates taxes, wants education but hasn't rallied around anyway to pay for it.

comey trump2 5What is Donald Trump hiding and why is he hiding it?

In yesterday’s shocking and controversial firing papers of FBI Director James Comey, Trump cited his gratefulness that Comey told him thrice that he was not under investigation.

Right in the smack center of a “your’re fired” letter, Trump essentially said, “Hey, Jim.  Thanks for claiming you are not going after me on this Russian deal, sorry, I don’t have any confidence in you any more.”



whitehousess 2Donald Trump has just made one of the most significant decisions in his troubled administration.  He has fired James Comey who heads the FBI which is investigating the President and his campaign.

gop mapby Tom Aswell, Publisher of Louisiana Voice
As a recovering Republican, I feel I am in a unique position to suggest that all political party labels be abandoned in favor of candidates representing constituents as opposed to clinging stubbornly to the blind loyalty of some group of adherents referring to themselves as Democrat, Republican or Libertarian.

punch castWOW!! Fifteen years ago.

Tiger Woods wins the Masters for the second consecutive year;  Pope John Paul II meets with the US Catholic Church Leaders at the Vatican to discuss the sexual abuse of minors crises.  Incoming Mayor Ray Nagin is about to embark upon an anti-corruption program; Candidates to replace Louisiana Governor Mike Foster were beginning to consider a race for the October 2003 elections.


stokesWhile 2017 is a somewhat quiet political year for Louisiana, one election could make a difference for the state and for the winner for years to come.  That election is for the Office of Louisiana Treasurer for which an election has been called this fall.  John Kennedy, who had been Treasurer for over a decade, moved up to Washington DC by virtue of winning the US Senate Race seat, formerly held by Republican David Vitter, who retired from public office.

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