Sarah Whalen

Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

President Barak Obama took the stage in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 5, 2016, just hours after FBI Director James Comey described Hillary Clinton’s handling of U.S. State Department documents as “extremely careless.”  Obama said Hillary was a “great” U.S. Secretary of State.  But Obama says this with a strange caveat: “People believed that Hillary was a great U.S. Secretary of State “before the whole political machinery got moving.”

Is it time to get technical yet?

Did Hillary Clinton violate federal laws by moving U.S. Government documents and emails to her private server?

t takes a village to create a suicide bomber.

It takes a village....

Where have we heard this before?

Comedian David Letterman retired a while back.

But he was famous for his “Top Ten” lists, and so today, I present to you this:


Where is the safest airport in the world?

And no, North Korea’s doesn’t count.

The safest airport I’ve ever seen is in Fez, Morocco.

Turkey just made peace with Israel– another leg of Turkey’s determined journey to join with the Western World.

That was yesterday.

Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, took some bashing by the ladies this past weekend for having the nerve– the absolute nerve– to treat the United Kingdom as (one) a sovereign country outside the control of the United States and (two) that its citizens had and have the right to determine their country’s political and economic choices by...gasp!...popular vote.

The “Brexit” vote?

It’s the immigration issue, stupid.

It is also democracy in action, proving that the right to vote, especially on one’s national fate, can trump the odds.

Who has a dream?

How about a dream that everyone obeys the laws?

That’s a good dream, but U.S. President Obama and the Democratic Party don’t share it.

Hillary Clinton’s supporters and CNN (is that different?) crow that Hillary Clinton has amassed a campaign war chest of many millions to fund her presidential campaign, and Donald Trump is far, far behind.

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