Sarah Whalen

Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

Some people have teeth.

Other people have chompers.

Some people have eybrows.

Other people are raising pet caterpillars atop their eyes.

Can a normal person eat “three square meals a day” and become a skinny-minny like Pippa Middleton?

Why, of course!

You can eat three square meals a day of black coffee, water and air.

The Flash appeared in India last week.

And I don’t mean the Marvel Super Hero or alter ego Barry Allen.

I mean Kate Middleton, who has officially branded herself now as a deranged serial flasher of lady parts and nether regions.

Politics is a rich man’s game– a game of kings of industry and scions of wealthy bootleggers.  If you aren’t a king of industry or a bootlegger’s scion with money and you still want to be president, then you need to find a rich man to back you so that you can play the game.

William and Kate Middleton start India Bhutan history rewrite

Feel that little tingly sensation as you read the latest blither-blather about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s upcoming trip to India and Bhutan?

You’re feeling the re-write.

Think that Donald Trump has troubles in Wisconsin?

Did the women and minorities and Trump Haters not want to run their fingers through the longest comb-over in the world?  Did they swing their votes to the Socialist candidate and Grandpa Munster?

by Sarah Whalen

Some harpies think that the “T” in “Trump” stands for “Tyrant.”

But other women think it stands for something very different, and increasingly rare among males everywhere.

Call it “Testosterone.”


Like cholesterol, there is a good kind of testosterone, and a bad kind.

kate diDo you mind spending $10.00 for a magazine?

That’s with tax, but still– ten smackeroos?

isisIs Khalaf Ahmad al-Habtoor running for U.S. President?

Probably not, because he is from the United Arab Emirates.  But I want to vote for him!

harry-dianaWell, Prince George may not yet know his ABCs, but his parents are teaching him to do at least one thing well– he knows how to wave.

Being that George is being raised almost entirely by his Middleton relatives, perhaps he will grow to believe that this is all a Royal personage need know how to do.

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