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The ghost of Bobby Jindal's potential, the failures and the burning questions

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Jindal collageLet the world know, there has never been a man sitting in the governor's chair, with so much potential to do right, than Bobby Jindal.

We all knew it. He was the superstar, the person who could, and would change Louisiana for the better, forever.

Well, as it turns out, things just did not turn out the way as it was scripted.

Now, in the last weeks of his tenure as the state's head man, the real soul-searching begins.

As Jindal travels the state in a pitiful self-promotion tour to prop up a disaster of an administration, as the other guy who will be replacing him is getting the eye of the media, as he begins to pack up his gear and says goodbye to the Mansion, you know, the supporter and his critics will start singing his praise or point to the ghosts of what Jindal could have been.
Well, Bob Mann, blogger, LSU professor and columnist for the Times Picayune, has written somewhat of a farewell piece that mirrors the outgoing-Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's own goodbye trip through Louisiana during the last few weeks of his administration. The title of Mann's latest? Bobby Jindal’s ghostly ‘accomplishments’

I have posted the beginning of the Mann piece below.

Jindal will be facing the Baton Rouge press club on Monday. You have to wonder whether the media, who Jindal ignored over the past few years while sucking up to the nationals, will let the governor speed-talk his way through his last hurrah or if we will ask him the hard questions and demand answers, out of respect to the public, we serve.

Perhaps, if the pressers need any material for questions to ask the outgoing governor, they can start with Mann's blog today. While, I might not be able to make what could be the governor's last public media gig to talk in details about his "accomplishments", here are some of my own questions, below:

By Robert Mann

With his job approval rating at a dismal 20 percent, how will Gov. Bobby Jindal spend his final days in office? Why, he’ll waste state resources touring Louisiana to tell us that, despite whatever you’ve read in the papers, he was really a marvelous governor.

Never mind that the state’s fiscal affairs are a catastrophe and only getting worse. Forget that Jindal abandoned us for two years while he waged an inept campaign for president. Please don’t note that under his watch college tuition skyrocketed and the state’s universities were almost shuttered. Ignore the legions of working poor he denied health care. Overlook that we still have crumbling roads and bridges and endure some of the nation’s worst crime and deepest poverty.

Jindal went first to Shreveport Tuesday (Dec. 8) to brag about bringing new jobs to Louisiana. He claims he’s created 91,000 new jobs and secured $62 billion in capital investment. Jindal touts those two numbers because he has little else to hype.

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And now, just a few of my own questions--

Dear Bobby:

Back when you were searching for national media time for opposing the Recovery Act, the one trillion dollar Obama economic plan, did you know you were handing out money from Obama's stimulus fund? Remember? That's when you were posing in front of the cameras with all those gigantic cardboard checks to local government officials, making it appear the money was coming from you and not revealing it was really, from the feds?

When you kept telling the world that none of us had a second to spare, especially President Obama, during those days of the BP Oil Spill, when did you find time to write a book, you know, the book you told everyone you were not going to write because you had to focus on the catastrophe of the spill?

Did you secretively record the video of your children's responses when you told them you were dropping out of the Presidential run? If so, did you post it on social media like you did when you told them you were entering the race--and that they could go to Iowa?

Will you ever release your emails, oh, you know, the ones on your public and private accounts, especially given how much emphasis you have put on Hillary Clinton to release all of her electronic missives?

Do you remember how you told us all that it's not who you know, it's what you know? And do you recall when you blasted the former state leaders for their selfishness in putting themselves first (a comment that certainly raised eyebrows of the inauguration crowd and the past governors who were sitting on the Capitol steps with you)? Any chance, looking at your own actions as governor, you might want to say, oops?

Could you lend the state about two million dollars, roughly the amount that you cost the state for your fantasy presidential campaign tour? We're kinda short right now. We had a governor who was doing it the "Louisiana Way" not the "Washington Way" when balancing the budget, who told us that using one-time money was like a family paying its bills by charging them to the credit card. We promise, we'll give it back, after we look at the records that have been kept from us by the most transparent governor, in history.

Well, I could go on forever, but, for now, I'll, leave it there.

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