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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 13:51

Attorney says Sadow wrong about Jon Bel Edwards's tort reform claims

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sinkhole decDear Bayoubuzz Publisher,

I have followed your publication for many years. During the campaign for governor I kept reading with amusement the posts of Professor Sadow. In almost every instance he is an apologist for those in and out of government who are proponents of Tort Reform or are just plain anti trial lawyer.

Today he says Governor elect opposition to tort reform is consistent with his campaign and then goes on to make a linkage between the attorneys who would have represented landowners including state and local governments whose leaders either through ignorance , neglect or in complicity with Oil and Gas interests conspired to allow the industry to avoid its legal obligation. It DESTROYED the land they were obligated to restore and repair. It has devastated our state and guess what will continue to have consequences.

I can go toe to toe with Sadow on tort reform but let's get one thing straight ....our new governor did not say he opposed the existing tort reform , although some of it is draconian, what he did say is that we have had enough for now and we have other issues that are a priority.


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