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Pearson Cross talks Louisiana budget cuts, political woes and House Speaker conflict

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louisiana legislative auditor sealpng 3bb79481afa7aad6 mediumBy now, we know that Louisiana’s budget condition is on life support, with the new Louisiana Governor, Jon Bel Edwards, being sworn in this Monday and with the outgoing head of state, Bobby Jindal, leaving office after eight years.

So, how does the new governor and legislature fix this looming fiscal disaster with a Democratic Governor yet with Republicans controlling both legislative bodies?

There are proposed solutions such as:

Cut, cut cut..

But, there are also questions, such as, if the state cuts too deeply, will it risk the state’s bonding rating, which could result in our borrowing cost increasing?

Treasurer John Kennedy has recommended—cut the government contracts.  Plus, there are other choices such as cracking the dedicated funds. 

But, in doing these, do we have the right legislative procedures in place or would Louisiana need a constitutional convention?

Regardless of the direction taken, there is the often-repeated inquiry in times of great need—do the leaders have the courage and leadership to get the job done?

Or, can we expect gridlock as usual--which is what we are now seeing even before the gavel strikes to swear in the incoming legislature.  A major battle line has been drawn already over the choice as to whether the incoming Speaker of the House should be a Republican or a Democrat and whether that position will be independent, as many so desire.

These are the issues discussed in the latest segment of the interview with University of Louisiana political science professor, Pearson Cross, the video which is below:


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