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Free vs. vulgar speech? Group wants CNN to terminate Trump analysts Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean

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trump cnnFree speech versus what might be considered by some, vulgar speech, is again on display today.  And, of course, it relates to Donald Trump.

ColorOfChange, the nation’s largest online civil rights organization, has driven nearly 20,000 emails to CNN president Jeff Zucker and Executive Vice President for Talent Amy Entelis calling on them to immediately terminate paid analysts Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean for their steadfast support and promotion of Donald Trump’s increasingly violent and racist message.  

In the area of disrupting free speech, Trump rallies have been upended recently by protesters, even to the extent that a highway was blocked on Saturday in Arizona leading to one of his political rallies.

Yet, protesters state that the disruptions are justified because it is in response to a message of intolerence and hate.

Today, ColorOfChange’s campaign comes as it is being criticized as promoting Trump.  

Here is the email message from the ColorofChange, group:

"CNN president Jeff Zucker has come under increasing internal and external pressure for his role in turning CNN into a platform for promoting Donald Trump. In the face of this pressure, Zucker has repeatedly stated that he feels no responsibility for the role his company has played in the rise of Donald Trump. Zucker’s CNN has carried a vast majority of Trump’s speeches live, something that was never done in any other previous election.

While Zucker has said “It’s our role to be skeptical of what every candidate puts out there,” he has had no problem hiring two Trump campaign surrogates, Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean, and has provided them significant air time. As paid on air analysts for CNN, Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean have regularly defend Trump's racism and violence. Andy Dean has regularly gone on air to deny that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, assaulted a female reporter and has even called the white man who sucker-punched a non-violent Black man at a Trump rally “impressive.” Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lord regularly blames liberals for Trump’s racism and violence and even tried to condescendingly explain to CNN political analysts Van Jones that Trump shouldn't have to disavow the KKK. Lord recently made his most absurd defense of Trump by calling progressive action group “the new KKK.”

In February alone, CNN and other outlets combined to give Trump twice as much free air time as Clinton and Ted Cruz combined.

Statement from Color Of Change Executive Director Rashad Robinson:

“When CNN pays people like Jeffrey Lord and Andy Dean defend and make excuses for Trump’s racist and violent message CNN is anything but unbiased, and ends up validating Trump’s violent message for millions of viewers.

“With the powerful platform CNN provides, the dangerous and stereotypical discourse these paid ‘analysts’ push is shaping the perceptions of viewers that, when acted upon, endanger the lives of Black communities. And the non-stop stories of violent actions carried out in the name of Trump shows that this rhetoric is having an immediate impact. Jeff Zucker needs to do the right thing and stop paying people to come on his network and defend Trump’s violent message.”

So far, the Trump campaign, nor CNN appears ot have responded.  However, earlier today, Trump did tweet the following:



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