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Pollster Couvillon talks Fayard vs. Campbell,Louisiana US Senate Race

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fayard foster campbell 2According to Louisiana pollster John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, the upcoming US Senate election should be viewed as a race of two camps—the Democrats vs. the Republicans.

Couvillon discussed the election, which takes place in November 2016 (with an anticipated runoff set in December), as part of a Facebook Live interview with Bayoubuzz Publisher, Stephen Sabludowsky.  The two initially discussed the recent Couvillon poll showing Trump ahead of Clinton by five polints, in Florida.

In part one of the interview related to the US Senate race, Couvillon focused upon the Democratic side.  Part 2 of the interview, the Republican contest.

Here a summary of Couvillon’s comments:

Unlike the gubernatorial election last year there is no unified Democratic Party behind one candidate.  Last year, democrats were solidly behind John Bel Edwards.  This year, there are two candidates on the democrat side who money and support--Caroline Fayard and Foster Campbell.

Campbell has the support and organizational strength of Governor John Bel Edwards which helps with Democratic donors and support.  He can tie himself to the governor.  

One can't dismiss the Louisiana populace mindset and which can benefit Foster Campbell.  We think that Campbell has the edge but Fayard cannot be counted out.

It is a factional fight and unlike the past days when you had Bill Jefferson versus Cleo Fields to fight for the black vote, it is more of a fight in the middle—the John Bel Edwards wing and what remains of Landrieu wing, which is strongly behind Fayard.

The Democrats have the ability to unite behind a single candidate.  The only time in Couvillon’s memory when this did not happen is when Richard Ieyoub fought Buddy Leach in the 2003 gubernatorial contest.  Governor Blanco was able to slip in.

Campbell will have the edge this year. Another advantage is that Campbell will fearlessly work the crowd and that does matter when you're trying to create a positive impression. One of the two of them will make the runoff. Democrats have roughly 35-40% of the vote there's a presidential election also on the ballot. The majority of the Democrats will line up behind one candidate. Who question is-which one will advance to the runoff.



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