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Pollster says Trump must pivot, stop mistakes, gaffes and fighting Republicans, to beat Clinton

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trump-scriptIn many ways, Donald Trump’s off-record comments have made Trump’s primary season.  The cry, let Trump be Trump resonated with the Republican primary voters, although, there were obviously many who were offended.

Now, however, Trump is down an average of 7 to 8 points nationally and even more so in some of the swing states.


 On Monday, pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics of Louisiana, engaged in a Facebook Live video interview with Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.  In part one, Couvillon discussed a new poll he conducted of the swing state Georgia which had Clinton up by seven points.

While Georgia is a Southern State, it has been a dominant republican state. 

In today’s segment of the Couvillon interview, the topic turned to Trump’s off-the cuff statements and how they are hurting his campaign.  Letting Trump be Trump is resulting in poll numbers in the dumps.

Here is a quick summary of this segment, part 2.

According to Couvillon, Trump can right the ship but he needs to stop the blunders.  The pollster has divided the summer weeks into packets of two weeks each.  Trump gaffed his way downward with his comments about the New Mexico governor, the Hispanic federal judge and other comments.  As a result, his numbers plummeted to a seven points drop.

However, the Republican convention brought Trump even with Clinton which lead quickly dissipated with a Democratic burst and post-convention debate bust.

Couvillon said his campaign cannot be a takeover of the Republican party and that will only hurt the Trump campaign, not help.  He will continue to fall in the polls if he fails to make Hillary the issue and focus upon her weaknesses.

Couvillon's Georgia poll: Trump down by 7; Says next few weeks critical
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