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Whose buying Clinton, Obama Iranian-hostage ransom deal excuse?

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obama hillaryThe Obama-Clinton Democrats think Americans are dumb.

We’re so dumb, and so easily distracted, that Obama and Hilary think we won’t keep asking about whether Obama’s White House and Hillary’s State Department paid a cash ransom of $400 million dollars to Iran to return a handful of U.S. citizens imprisoned there.

I must admit that it’s kinda a one-sided deal with the United States not making out very well because there are still many more Americans being held in Iran.  And Iran likes getting big pallets of millions of dollars in cash so much that it kidnaps more Americans there every day. 

Obama and Hillary think that if they just keep spinning away, and spinning us into oblivion, that we will be too dizzy to figure things out.

Like the current ransom for hostages spin that U.S. President Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton keep trying to turn into a story about something else.

Obama paying a cash ransom to Evil Empire Iran to release U.S. hostages?

“Never!” declare Obama and Hillary.  All that cash only LOOKS like ransom.  But it can’t actually BE a ransom because the United States does NOT, repeatedly, NOT, pay ransom.

It’s just a big fat international coincidence.

Do you get it yet?

Well, if you don’t, then that’s why you didn’t get to go to Yale or Harvard, like Hillary and Obama.

Even when Obama and Hillary’s Democrats are caught– just openly caught, on tape, with videos and photos and everything– paying ransom for U.S. hostages who were either too dumb or too unfortunate or too trusting with Iran (or else, really spying for the U.S. in Iran, which would at least be a brave and useful thing to do)– the Hillary-Obama beat goes on: “I did not...have sex...with that woman....”

Oh, wait, wait, wait.  I AM dizzy!  Did I get the spin all mixed up?

“There is nothing on my personal home server but things about my yoga classes and Chelsea’s wedding....”

Ugh!  Too dizzy again.  And I keep hearing the grind of Hillary’s croaky voice saying that FBI Director James Comey found her innocent of any wrongdoing...or...something.

Sometimes, the spin is just so mind-altering!

The whole thing goes back to back to President Jimmy Carter, that infamous Washington Outsider, a peanut farmer from Georgia who’d gone to the Governor’s Mansion and then defeated Nixon’s vice president and designated successor, Gerald Ford.  Jimmy, a teetotaling Baptist, swore he’d run the White House differently, and indeed he did.  He cleaned out all the liquor cabinets, so people invited to swanky White House dinners had to BYOB, and there were a lot more people showing up with brown paper bags in their hands for the cocktail hour that wasn’t.

Carter set the tone for the new, very weak teetotaling holy-rolling America he envisioned by giving up the Panama Canal, letting the Communist Sandinistas take over Nicaragua, and sending Anastasio Somoza, a perfectly good pro-American dictator, into exile in Paraguay.  Nicaraguan assassins later killed Somoza and two innocents by inventively blowing up Somoza’s bullet-proof car with a rocket launcher.  After Carter had headed over to Iran and publicly thanked the Shah, another perfectly good pro-American dictator, for being such a good friend to America, the Iranians looked carefully at Carter’s teetotally, holy-roller administration, and decided that it was time for the Shah to go.  In January 1979, the Shah did go– first to Egypt, then Morocco, the Bahamas and Mexico.  In November, with Iranian extremists nipping at his heels with a weighty request for his extradition and return to Iran, the Shah demanded that Carter permit him to enter the United States for cancer medical treatment.  

Carter said “yes” on October 22, 1979.

Iran demanded that Carter turn the Shah over as an international criminal.

Carter refused.

In response, on November 4, a mob stormed the U.S. and several other Western embassies in Tehran, Iran’s capital.  France and Germany quickly ransomed their own personnel, but Iranian “students” had grabbed 60 Americans, and the United States declared that it would do no deals with terrorists, students, or anyone.

The Shah, genuinely ailing, went back to Egypt, where he was sheltered by then-president Anwar Al-Sadat, who would be assassinated by his own military years later.

The Iranians then released most American women, families, African Americans and minorities on the grounds that these were persecuted persons with whom Iran was “in sympathy.”  An enterprising sheriff in Louisiana arrested 52 foreign college students (many of whom were Iranians studying engineering) who’d gathered to burn the Shah in effigy and stomp on American flags.  He announced that he planned to hold the 52 arrestees in jail until Iran released the 52 American hostages.

Which showed that the Louisiana deputy understood much more about Iranian politics than Carter did.

But when the American Civil Liberties Unionists howled, the 52 arrestees were released.

Not so the American hostages in Tehran.

Carter, the self-declared human rightist, grandly announced that he was pursuing diplomatic measures to compel the hostages’ return, and sent U.S. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance off to the United Nations to begin negotiations.  At the same time, Carter secretly pursued a far-fetched secret rescue plan called “Operation Eagle Claw.” After aborting the mission, a departing helicopter (whose pilot was maneuvering in darkness and a rotor-caused sandstorm) crashed into a transport aircraft filled with jet fuel and soldiers.

An enormous fireball lit up the desert night.

In the erupting fire, eight crewmen died, and more were injured.  American forces panicked, and failed to destroy abandoned aircraft as well as classified and secret documents– which the Iranians found the next day.

Carter’s furious and demoralized Secretary Vance resigned, telling confidants that Carter’s desert debacle had ruined the diplomatic progress Vance had made towards getting the hostages released.    

Carter had crucially halted a delivery of fighter jets that Iran’s pre-revolution government had already paid $400 million for.  Normally, the US would have returned the money if it wasn’t going to deliver the planes.  But the US government had already frozen Iranian assets in the United States as sanctions for the hostage-taking — and that included Iran’s $400 million payment.

The hostage crisis was eventually resolved in 1981, at a conference in Algiers.  The hostage crisis had lasted 444 days, Ronald Reagan was elected president by a population who’d tired of Carter’s human rights platform, and Iran waited right up until Carter was no longer president to relinquish the hostages.  

The Algiers Declarations set up The Iran-United States Claims Tribunal at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, The Netherlands to handle all legal claims involving either the governments of Iran and the United States against each other, and all claims individual citizens of the two countries had against the other country.  Such claims were presented to a panel of three US-appointed judges, three Iranian-appointed judges, and three judges from various countries appointed by the first six– who would issue binding rulings. 

Although over 3,900 claims have been processed, the wheels of justice at The Hague grind slowly. 

However, settlements of large claims like the $400 million are usually announced on the Claims Tribunal’s website– not delivered by stealth and in cash. 

Initially, Obama’s State Department declared that the $400 million was “Iran’s money” from the aborted arms deal, and the United States was only returning money that belonged to Iran anyway.  However, as pointed out by The Hill, this same $400 million was supposedly already being used to compensate American victims of Iranian state terrorism.

Says who?  Says Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, who used to be president. 

Steven Flatow, a New Jersey real estate lawyer, is a case in point. According to the New York Times and other news sources, Flow had sued Iran for the 1995 death of his 19-year-old daughter, Alisa, a Brandeis College student studying in Israel who was killed on a bus in Gaza by Palestinian terrorists who Flow alleged were funded by Iran.    

“We all believed that Iran would pay our damages, not U.S. taxpayers,” said Flatow.  Flatow’s $25 million award was supposed to have been deducted from the $400 million belonging to Iran.  “And now, 15 years later,” says Flatow, “we find out that they [the United States] never deducted the money from the account. It makes me nauseous. The Iranians aren’t paying a cent.”

The Obama-Clinton Democrats think that Americans are soft like Jimmy Carter, and dumb– too dumb to notice, too dumb to put it all together– and so dumb that we’ll all vote democrat again this time.

Don’t let’s be as dumb as Obama and Hillary think we are.


Sarah Whalen

sarahw2Sarah Whalen is a university journalism instructor, attorney and author.

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