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NFL needs to tackle Kapernick, Brandon Marshall, Seahawks National Anthem insults

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goodellIt all started when San Francisco 49ers journeyman quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to sit for the National Anthem. Then, other players started to join in, not only in football, but in other sports as well, such as soccer.

 Last night, Brandon Marshall, linebacker for the Denver Broncos, protested during the singing of the anthem by taking a knee. He said that it was a sign of solidarity for Kaepernick, his former college teammate. 

If this continues, it will eventually lead to severe problems for the NFL, which is the most popular professional sport in the country. Fans will tire of spending hard earned dollars supporting spoiled millionaires who trash their country. 

Kaepernick protested because of his anger at police actions, believing that they are unjustly targeting African Americans. For good measure, he wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs and has also worn shirts in support of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Marshall said his gesture was due to “social injustice” in the nation. In response, the Denver Broncos issued a statement clarifying that the players are always encouraged to stand for the anthem, but that it is “a personal decision.” 

This is pretty much the stance of the entire league, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. It is time that the NFL followed the lead of the NBA, which does not allow players to make show such disrespect toward the anthem. Their players are required to stand and if they refuse, they are fined. 

The NFL has no such requirement in their collective bargaining agreement with the players, but it might be a good idea to explore some type of penalty if this nonsense continues for much longer.  For example, this weekend, the entire Seattle Seahawks team is considering some sort of a protest during the singing of the anthem. 

If an entire team insults Americans by refusing to stand for the anthem, the response might be more vocal from the fans. Already, there is a rumbling of discontent from the people who pay for high priced tickets and allow athletes like Kaepernick to make millions of dollars. In a recent online survey by the California data firm Zip, over 75% of football fans expressed support for a boycott of the 49ers because of Kaepernick’s protest. The survey featured responses form 4,487 users from all across the country.   

Americans obviously enjoy the NFL, but the actions of players turned activists has started to sour even hard core fans. Now, four players have refused to stand for the anthem and maybe an entire team is planning to act in unison. 

At some point, the NFL may start to suffer financially as Americans may decide to spend their dollars in support of people who appreciate the country, not those who show such hatred toward the country.


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