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Pollster explains how Foster Campbell pulls way ahead in Louisiana US Senate Race

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campbellWhy is Louisiana Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell pulling ahead of all candidates in the United States Senate race, at least according to a recent poll by John Couvillon,  of JMC Analytics and Polling?

This is one of the issues discussed during Tuesday’s online interview with the pollster, Couvillon.

On Monday, Couvillon released his poll, commissioned by Republican candidate John Fleming.  The poll was criticized by various parties including the Caroline Fayard campaign.

The poll results showed that Campbell has bolted ahead of all of the candidates and that Caroline Fayard, also a Democrat, has dropped back into 5th place.

According to Couvillon, the difference that probably has resulted in the Campbell spurt is that he has focused on the African American vote which makes up roughly one-third of the electorate.  The pollster stated that Campbell has invested heavily in black media and he believes that the Fayard campaign has not matched those buys.

Also, Couvillon cited the very strong support of Campbell by Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards and the Campbell campaign’s ability to compare and contrast his democratic bonafide to Fayard’s.

The Fayard campaign has stated that since John Fleming paid for the poll, it was designed for him to be competitive against Campbell, who according to Fayard cannot beat any other candidate in the race, other than Campbell.  Three candidates, Congressman Fleming and fellow Republican Congressmen Charles Boustany and Louisiana treasurer John Kennedy are in a virtual tie.

Couvillon also said that traditionally, Democrats in the state coalesce around one candidate which he believes has occurred so far in the race.

Bayoubuzz Note:  Later during the interview which will be published on Friday, Sabludowsky noted that Fayard has engaged in much more advertising recently and that he has picked up the endorsement of both Mitch and Mary Landrieu, two powerful forces, particularly in the New Orleans area.

In the first part of the interview, the focus was on the Democrats.  Tomorrow interview will discuss the Republican contest.


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