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Trump's amazing poll swings since wiki leaks, FBI letter, final campaign messages, Chris Wilson interview

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trump compressedNow, only four days left before the election that will change America, forever.

In a number of polls in battleground states and national surveys, Donald Trump has amazingly made the election competitive.  Only one week ago, a Washington Post-ABC news poll found Hillary Clinton up by low double digits.  Now, the margin has swung around rapidly to where Trump leads in the same poll.

In Part I of an interview with Chris Wilson, who is the former Director of Research, Analytics and Digital Strategy for the 2016 Ted Cruz Presidential Campaign for Ted Cruz, talked about those startling changes.  In part two below, Wilson discussed the last time a remarkable swing has occurred in Presidential elections.

According to Wilson, the only comparison would be in 2000.  The October-November surprise then was George Bush's DUI charge, which came out and which an impact various races including the Florida vote.   Because of these potential swings in votes, Wilson said states could consider disbanding the early voting. 

On another issue, when asked if Trump has stayed on message, finally, Wilson wondered whether Trump really has a message.  He said he missed an opportunity in using his foreign policy speech from October to advance his foreign policy credentials, an area that Clinton leads Trump overwhelmingly by 28 points.

The bottom line for both candidates is the message for Clinton and Trump is the other candidate's weaknesses. 


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