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Friday, 04 November 2016 16:31

Clinton corruption fatigue vs. FBI, Comey, Trump campaign perverting the system? Uncle Sam is sick

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sick us samThere are two themes developing in the current Presidential elections.  One is well known.  The other is not and not yet really defined.

In a recent facebook live discussion, Jim Brown and I discussed the elections last days and how these two developments might be influencing the elections.

In the first part of the discussion, Brown talked about Clinton corruption and perhaps, more palpable, Clinton fatigue.  With the recent FBI letter and leaks along with the WikiLeaks emails that seem endless, Brown said he is uncertain who he will be supporting come election day.  Not that he is a fan of Donald Trump by any stretch of the imagination.  Brown asked, what so many others are saying, "do we want four more years of focus upon gridlock due to a scandal with possible hearings and impeachment discussions?

Makes plenty of sense.  The last thing this country needs is unbridled hostility that has emerged during this election season.  We need to move forward, regardless who emerges as President.

However, as a firm "never-Trumper", I do not labor under uncertainty.

As I mentioned in the video, Hillary Clinton is responsible for what she has wrought.  The email server situation was reckless.  The Republicans are licking their chops to destroy her by impeachment or as Trump says, by arrest.  And perhaps one day I might see the evidence and admit that she deserves it.  

But, Trump also has his legal clouds too.  He's facing a rape case.  He's looking straight forward into a fraud Trump University case that could take on the trappings of a criminal Rico case.

Perhaps worst, however, there is now the issue of what I believe might be a sinister FBI intrusion into the elections punctuated by James Comey decision to send that letter that unfairly rekindled the Clinton email scandal controversy.  

During the video, I articulate my concerns about what I am now seeing and it frightens me.

There is a pattern emerging.  Just this past week, look at what has occurred:

Comey's shocking letter which could have been sent after the elections completed.  True, there was the risk of a leak anyway, but, Comey should have warned all agents not to interfere with the elections process.  Instead, he joined the interference and now, by his intentional or negligent actions, just might be leading it.

Look what has happened just this past week:

1. The incredibly provocative and now, I believe an unfair decision by Comey to release his FBI letter to Congress.

2. FBI leak regarding alleged Trump-Russian connections in an article by the NY Times.  The article failed to cite the FBI authority, whether the source really had actual knowledge of the facts.  Given the sprawling nature of the investigation, there can only be a few individuals in the FBI who could have the kind of knowledge required to provide such information.  One of those individuals necessarily would be James Comey. 

3. The disclosure that weeks ago, Comey did not join with 17 other federal agencies to declare Russian intrusion into our elections.  Why didn't he sign on with the other federal agencies?  News reports claim he was concerned with the proximity to the elections.  So, he was concerned about outing the Russians because of the impact on the elections, but, he's ok with all of these other activities, including his own poisoning the elective process with his letter to Congress?

4. Dumping by the FBI on the internet, including an FBI tweet of the Bill Clinton file regarding the Mark Rich pardon.  The FBI claims it was following normal procedures.  However, the twitter postings by the FBI just started a couple of weeks ago and certainly,  the placement of the Clinton file could have waited a few more days.  Surely, not interfering with the elections or causing voter prejudice is more important that revealing freedom of information  request documents.   This is not even a close call. 

5. A Wall Street Journal article that goes into deep detail pitting the FBI vs. the Justice Department.  Under no circumstance should this type of information be leaked by the FBI, Justice Department or by anybody.

An interview by Rudy Giuliani that suggests that the campaign might have known about the upcoming FBI letter only days before last Friday. Exactly what did Rudy know and when did he know it?   

Here is more detailed information about some of these issues from The Hill.

What really concerns me from these developments is what I posted on Facebook two days ago after reviewing various related articles: We are seeing the development of a KGB-Nazi SS style police intrusion into our election process.  We are witnessing what looks like an arm of the federal government deciding to use its investigative materials to disrupt an election and to favor one candidate over another.   What is missing is whether these are rogue agents or if the activities are directed from the top.  Just like Loretta Lynch tainted the Clinton email case with her bizarre meet with Bill Clinton, Comey's FBI has gone way overboard in response.

Don't misread what I am saying.  I totally understand the deep suspicion of the Clinton family corruption.  I totally accept the belief that there are members of the Justice Department, including Loretta Lynch, who might be tilting in favor of Clinton.  That is unacceptable and her incredibly stupid meeting with Bill Clinton has fanned the flames.  

But these things happened months ago and if there is any evidence that suggests that something untoward occurred, let the heads fly.  

It is bad enough that Trump and many of his supporters are cheering the spoils of an illegal hacking by a foreign government without criticizing the illegalities of it.   We all understand the fervor to get our candidates elected, but, how can the party and candidate go giddy and do backflips over what is clearly an illegal act.  I have not heard or read one sincere or even insincere criticism of the espionage, have you?

After the developments this week, I now agree that there are reasons to believe that members of the FBI might be violating the Hatch Act which was designed to prevent this very type of activity of influencing elections.

For sake of argument, let us assume that the Obama administration and the Clinton family are corrupt to its core.  If evidence exists, the proper channels should be pursued.  However, a candidate and a campaign must not collaborate with a policing agency for political advantages.  A policing agency must not disrupt decades of tradition not to prejudice an election.   

Using two well-worn phrases, "the ends do not justify the means" and don't break a second law or offend a deeply rooted government policy to catch the potential violators of the first broken law.   

The FBI and Comey clearly should have waited until after the elections regardless of the information it had.  The FBI agents involved, with perhaps the help of Comey cannot justify its behavior under any circumstance. 

We are seeing a total collapse of our system.  The Democratic presidential candidate cannot evade allegations of corruption. Wikileaks has revealed the ugly scab along with revelations of the Clinton emails and resulting investigations.  Trump is hiding his taxes.  We don't know what he has done over the decades but clearly the way he has handled his own foundation and stiffed others and perhaps defrauded others with Trump U, tells us it is not pretty.  The Russians clearly favor Trump and Trump won't upset Putin.  The FBI has become corrupted or unglued.  Maybe after the elections, we will discover the real truth of that relationship.

What I do know now is this--I am disgusted, still very much anti-Trump and now due to developments this week, become very suspicious and worried about the very institution  I have praised over the past few months when it was under severe attack by Trump and his followers.  

James Comey and the FBI have lost my confidence.  Many Trump supporters have lost my respect by their promoting the illegalities of the hacking and their willingness to pervert our democracy so they can kill the wicked witch,  Hillary Clinton and her defenders have can't complain without be honest as to how we got into this mess.

Call me disgusted.  Call me fearful.  

Just call me after November 8.  I'm going to sleep until then