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UNO poll shows Jindal at fault,Edwards at 49% approval,Louisiana legislature down 2-1

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Louisiana house repsWih the Louisiana legislature about to face another special session, UNO has released a new survey and the numbers do not look good.

Governor John Bel Edwards enjoys less than a majority approval, the legislature has a 2-1 disapproval but the public believes a special session is needed.

Below is the report from UNO:

The University of New Orleans Survey Research Center has released the results of a statewide poll on Louisiana’s budget situation and the governor’s call for a special session.

According to the survey, Governor John Bel Edwards enjoys an approval rating of 49 percent. Three quarters of respondents believe that the state is experiencing financial difficulties, and two-thirds of respondents say there is a need for a special legislative session.

The Survey Research Center conducted an interactive voice response telephone survey, also known as a “robo-poll,” of 919 respondents on Feb. 7.

Here are some of the other major findings of the survey:

* Forty-nine percent of respondents approve of Gov. Edwards while 36 percent disapprove. Edwards receives strong support from African-Americans and Democrats while whites and Republicans are more likely to rate the governor negatively.

* Respondents report by a 2 to 1 margin that they disapprove of the state legislature’s performance.

* There is widespread agreement among respondents across demographic categories of race, gender and partisanship that Louisiana is experiencing financial difficulties.

* Of the respondents who replied that the state was facing a budget crisis, 60 percent say former Gov. Bobby Jindal is to blame. Approximately one-third of respondents attribute responsibility to the state legislature. Thirteen percent think Gov. Edwards is responsible for the budget crisis.

* African-Americans and Democrats are particularly supportive of Gov. Edwards’ call for a special session. Republicans support the call for a special session by a 2 to 1 margin.         

To read the entire survey, click here. The poll, which is conducted under the direction of UNO political scientist Ed Chervenak, yields a 3.5 percent margin of error at a 95 percent level of confidence.

Since 1986, the University of New Orleans Survey Research Center has collected information about public opinions, beliefs and values on a wide range of social, economic and political issues. In that time, it has gained a reputation for accuracy and integrity in public opinion research.


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