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Collision Conference In New Orleans CBD: Where entrepreneurship meets tech, digital media and fun

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collision comfOne of the real achievements in New Orleans and throughout Louisiana is the Digital Media Law or Interactive Media Law.  One of the most attractive upcoming events worldwide is a tech-entrepreneurship conference bringing young tech-advocates to downtown New Orleans.

 It’s what I call digital media colliding with opportunity, or otherwise known as the Collision Conference.

Digital media law is a tax-credit incentive program which I promote whenever possible.  Shortly after the film industry tax credits became a reality, I proposed—why not do the same for technology?  After a couple years of failure to get much traction, it became a reality.  In 2005, the Louisiana legislature gave birth to the law which was attractive to video game creators.  A half-decade later, due to lobbying efforts by many, that law was expanded greatly.  Now, ambitious tech entrepreneurs wanting to make Louisiana its home can do business--with Louisiana paying a healthy part of the opportunity.


Now, the Collision conference: Imagine technology and venture capital connecting with worldwide opportunities.  Young men and women from the four corners of the globe, converging to downtown New Orleans to learn about the latest and greatest tech apps and partaking in the best food, drink, music, culture and ambiance that money can buy.

Collision Conference is in its second year.  Year one was an incredible success.  It takes place May 2-4 this spring coinciding with the first and second week of the spectacular New Orleans Jazz Festival.  By comparison, the digital media law is 24/7/365.  One of the individuals at the center of helping to make the downtown CBD area more tech oriented is Kurt Weigle, the President, and CEO of the New Orleans Downtown Development District.

Last week, during a Facebook Live/Twitter Live event, Weigle and I talked about downtown New Orleans.  In this video segment above, we discuss the Collision conference and tax incentive package—both which are helping to put technology on the map and assisting to bring young tech entrepreneurs into the city of fun--like never before.

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