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Aw Shucks Neil Gorsuch in Democrat-Republican food fight over Supreme Court

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brown glassJim Brown has seen a few US Supreme Court hearings during his days in politics.

The former Louisiana statewide office-holder for 28 years and now publisher, radio talk show host and political observer has a unique perspective to the current republican vs. democrat logjam in Washington DC.  That perspective might be described in three words, "politics, politics politics".

In a Monday morning Facebook Live discussion ay morning, Brown and I talked about the ongoing hearings.  That portion of the entire discussion dealing with the Supreme Court hearing and nominee approval is below.

In describing the nominee Neil Gorsuch, Jim Brown said he appears to be a typical Republican choice, very likable guy, sort of an "all shucks" guy, who doesn't polarize like some of the past nominees.  So, why hasn't the Democrats just rolled with the punches and approved him?  Well, Brown said, the Democrats seem to have a chip on their shoulders and for some good reason--their republicans just wouldn't let a vote come up on their own nominee last year and now, the Democrats are are holding the line on Gorsuch.

Watch the video for more observations from Jim Brown



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