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Louisiana Congressional delegation picks fights with local politicos

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kennedy senAlmost every day, we learn that one of the members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation appears to be picking a fight with a local politician, usually of the opposite party.

hey, what’s going on?

When it occurs, as it does often it seems, are the Congressional politicians jockeying for a statewide position.  This year, already, John Kennedy the now-freshman US Senator and Congressman Garret Graves have levied attacks against Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards.  Are these criticisms legit or are they softening up the governor for their own political runs?

Jim Brown raised the question in a Facebook-Youtube-Twitter Live discussion with Bernie Pinsonat, pollster and President of Southern Media and Opinion Research

They have decades of political experience, have seen a few exchanges among the local political classes but believe what is happening is different.

Brown said, “I never saw the congressional delegation picking the fights back home” referring to the barrage of complaints from those up in DC.

Pinsonat responded that the increase in political shots started with Republican David Vitter hitting Democrat Kathleen Blanco.

Do you agree? Watch the short video clip and talk about this issue below

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