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Louisiana tax options for Edwards, legislature to fix budget woes

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berniejimOnce again, Louisiana is facing another nightmare as the Louisiana legislature proceeds with its spring session, trying to balance its budget, while not hurting its business environment, yet, safeguarding the needs of those dependent upon state services.

In a segment of a Facebook-Twitter-Youtube Live event held Tuesday afternoon, Jim Brown and Louisiana pollster and political analyst Bernie Pinsonat, talked about various tax proposals the state is facing.

To launch the discussion, Brown asked Pinsonat the following question:

“and there's been a lot of heavy proposals, you know a lot of voters say  guys-- this is when your three special sessions you raising taxes right left on  us, now there's  proposals to increase the gasoline tax by as much as twenty percent and find ways to restructure the sales tax and the income tax to where businesses take a bigger hit on their gross receipts not on how much they actually net, so will that weariness, you think, stop any real tax reform or tax changes in this coming session?” 

In short and in response, Pinsonat said that he doesn't "see the legislature going out of its way to "pitch-forth" a billion dollars--if he doesn't come up with some workable solution on the gross receipts tax by running it way down and breaking even--how to make this thing break even and not raised new revenue may be good and that's what the talk is right now" 

Watch the rest of his response


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