Monday, 24 July 2017 16:16

Louisiana Congressman Abraham says no collusion found, Congress should move from Russia probe

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Louisiana Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham said today on CNN that he has seen no Trump campaign collusion with Russia. 

When asked by CNN anchor Poppy Harlow, what about issues such as the tax returns, Abraham said that Trump "has been transparent on basically everything we have asked him to be transparent".

The Congressman also said there have been six or seven committees in Congress and they have found no evidence of collusion.  

When challenged by the CNN anchor that the hearings are not done, Abraham said that he sits on numerous committees and "nothing has come out that this President, his son-in-law or any of his family has colluded with the Russian government" 

In his tweet, Abraham said, "Fact: No committee has found any evidence that @realDonaldTrump colluded w/ Russia. Media should move on to real issues Americans care about"
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