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Cassidy or Kennedy? Which Louisiana US Senator is more popular?

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kennedy cassidyWhich Louisiana US Senator Senator is more popular in terms of favorables and unfavorables?

Drum roll, please....

The answer, at least according to Morning Consult Poll, US Senator John Kennedy slightly leads his senior Louisiana counterpart, Bill Cassidy in approval-disapproval polls.   Both men are Republicans and neither Senator has served more than three years.  Kennedy was recently elected last year, Cassidy in 2014 beating former three-termer US Senator Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, who's political demise was, guess what?  Obamacare.

Kennedy’s positives to negatives are 54% to 24% while Cassidy’s comparatives are 51% to 27%. Roughly ¼ to 1/5 of the voters don’t know or have no opinion.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont  has the greatest favorable with 75-21 percent positive to negative differential.

Republican US Senator Jeff flake of Arizona who has opposed President Trump on numerous high-profile issues has earned the worst scores with 37% unfavorable to 45% favorable.

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