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Louisiana's Senators. Kennedy, Cassidy vote for total Obamacare repeal, fails

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The Republican-led US Senate hit another roadblock Wednesday, failing to get to a majority to back a Obamacare repeal that would have totally voided the law with a two-year delay before the law would actually go into effect.

Louisiana US Senators John Kennedy and Bill Cassidy voted with the majority of the Senate republicans, backing the legislation.

Nine Senators opposed the same legislation that they supported less than two years ago when the legislation was sent to President Obama who vetoed it.

Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, Dean Heller, Lisa Murkowski, John McCain, Rob Portman and Lamar Alexander all voted against the amendment.

In a tweet, Kennedy said, “I made a promise to the ppl of LA that I would repeal Obamacare given the chance. 2day I wrkd 2 fulfill that promise”

The left-leaning Louisiana Progress Action organization sent out an email after the vote criticizing Senator Cassidy:

Is Senator Bill Cassidy a man of his word?

Dr. Cassidy says one thing and does another. He promised not to vote for a repeal bill without an immediate replacement- today he did just that.

According to congressional watchers, the ultimate game plan is for the Republicans to back what they call a "skinny" repeal plan, that provides certain repeal elements, send that legislation to House-Senate conference so a compromised version of the House and Senate's Republican-led legislation can be created for final vote.


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