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Mitch Landrieu gets attention, praise, Confederate statue gets hope

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The words Confederate monuments have taken on more of a meaning for the United States, for President Donald Trump and for New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu.  Despite the mayor’s recent actions in removing three monuments this spring, a new announcement is giving rise to the prospects that the legal debate over the local issue has not come to an end.

At center of the now infamous rally comprising of neo Nazis and members of the KKK was the Confederate monument of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Virginia that ended upon with three people dead. More pro-white and pro-confederate rallies are anticipated, even after President Trump’s statement today blasting KKK and Neo-Nazi groups.

The person who might get the most light from it all, as these conflicts continue, is no other than New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who led the charge to remove the statues. After first bringing up the issue, he has been vilified by many Whites both within New Orleans and outside.  Critics believe he should not have spent any time or money on such a controversy (especially given the uptick in violent crime in the city).  To make matters worst for him, a couple of weeks ago he was denounced by the President’s press secretary and last week, courtesy from an unexpected flood and unworking water handling system, the city suffered a significant flood. 

As would be expected, he has been blamed for promoting monument removal to benefit any future political job or life after being Mayor for eight years.  There have been rumors that he is contemplating the run for US President in 2020.

Due to the high-focus of the confederate statue issue, his stock has risen nationally, aided by his being President of the Conference of US Mayors. Today, he received notable tweets and media placements based upon his speech given after the monuments were removed.


Meantime, while the statue of General G.T. Beauregard has been removed, obviously, the legal issues related to that monument has not.  Rick Marksbury and the Beauregard Monument Association have announced they have a significant announcement regarding the G. T. Beauregard Equestrian Statue.  A press release indicates that a new legal development will be released on Tuesday, August 15th at 11:00 am by the monument pedestal in City Park.

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