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Donna Brazile talks Russia hack, Seth Rich, DNC tilt, Trump-Clinton

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jeff brazilleWhat was the impact of the Russians hacking the Democrats?
What is the real issue related to the Russian involvement in American elections of 2016? Who killed Seth Rich and why? Was the Democratic nomination process rigged?

These are some of the burning issues emerging from the Presidential elections that ended last November 8 and that are still hotly debated. One of those persons at the center of the controversy is no other than Donna Brazile of New Orleans.

Very few people from New Orleans have made the impact in politics, media or industry than Brazile. Recently, she has attacked some of her former allies in her new book named,” ”, which discussed the 2016 election and her role in it.

On Tuesday morning, Jeff Crouere, WGSO Radio 990 AM interviewed her as she goes across the nation, making media tours to discuss and promote her most-controversial book.

Crouere started the interview and said that he and Brazile have been friends for years, which is rare in the political world of today, especially when the people are political poles apart. Crouere is a strong conservative, Brazile, a strong liberal.

The former DNC Chairwoman (twice) said the book deals with the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders campaign.  She said she wanted to write a book to tell her story and emphasized that it is about “protecting our democracy, not just the election of Hillary and Donald Trump”

Here are some of the topics and her comments.  Bayoubuzz will publish part two of Crouere’s interview with Donna Brazile.


Brazile, in response to whether it was dysfunctional responded, “We were broke. Part of the reason it took so long to figure out what was going on with the hacking is that nobody got it to the top”. She said, “The Russians were in our systems for so long and nobody answered the call from the FBI”. She said she was able to clean it up, that she strengthened it.  “I'm proud of it and I left it with 10 million dollars in cash on hand, came a long way


Brazile said she is “more worried about what's going to happen next year, in terms of our elections--are we ready? Suppose the North Koreans get this technology, suppose another hostile country to the United States gets this technology?  What I'm trying to do is to increase cyber-awareness, cyber integrity”.  The former chair of the Al Gore for President campaign said: “the book talks about DNC but proven simple steps we need to take to protect the integrity of our elections”.


Crouere said that Julian Assange said the Russians did not provide the emails to him and asked Brazile whether she thinks he is lying?

She responded, “Every bit of evidence that i've seen and more that has come out in recent days with the Trump campaign coordination or the contact with him, it is clear to me that there was some coordination between the Trump campaign and Wikileaks”

“Everyone needs to come clean, Wikileaks needs to come clean. We need to find out what happened? Who tried to destroy the Democratic Party, who tried to interfere and meddle in our elections

Let the truth come out and let us clean it up so we don't have another hostile nation attacking the United States of America.

It's about our country, this is not a partisan thing.   I want people to stop thinking that it is partisan.  Our country was cyberattacked and we need to focus upon how we clean up our election system so no foreign government can meddle with our election system, our voter registration system or our computers”


Crouere then mentioned that Brazile has expressed her concern for the family of Seth Rich and asked, “you consider him sort of a son and expressed a lot of remorse about the death of Seth Rich --would there be any way that he was providing these emails to Wikileaks and he was killed because of that?”

Brazile responded: “No, no, no. Not only, once these rumors and the conspiracies started, we wanted to make sure that we figured that out right away.  Seth had nothing to do with it.  We had his computer, we had his cell phone, remember, when he was murdered on the Street of Washington DC, his wallet, his cell phone, his watch, everything was still on his person

Crouere then replied, “Right, that's why it's so suspicious, right Donna?  Because it wasn't a robbery?

“Well, we don't know what it was and that's why there’s an active, there's an active campaign to try to find who did it and try to bring them to justice.

“Seth Rich was a patriot, he was a good honorable, decent human being.  we found no malware, no spyware, nothing on his system and I would hope they would allow his parents-Joel and Mary Rich to just spend this Thanksgiving without their son, knowing that he was an honorable and good person.

Seth worked with me. I knew this young man, he was a great young man and I loved him and just like any child who comes to work for Donna Brazile, I take care of them. I try to help them. I try to raise them.  And you know what, I've done it in my classroom, democrats republicans, independents and everything in between.  I want these young people to get involved in politics I want them to understand that they too can run for office one day.

Crouere then insisted, “We need justice for his family. we need justice for his family, we need to get to the bottom of why and who did this”

Brazile, who said yes to Crouere’s statement about getting to the bottom then replied, “I agree and i hope, the sooner the better and that's why there's an award fund to find out who murdered Seth Rich and let's try to figure out what happened and not add to grief that has already been suffering 


The conversation turned to the major topic being discussed in the media, whether the democratic Process was tilted in favor of Hillary Clinton. Crouere asked, “Donna you made a lot of news here, talking about how this election was tilted towards Hillary and talking about it being rigged for Hillary, do you think that Bernie Sanders and his supporters have a right to be upset at the process in 2016?

Brazile remarked, “Well, Bernie Sanders, I talked to Bernie, I went into the DNC, I conducted a terrific analysis of everything that happened, I found no evidence that the process itself was rigged. We, for example, the Louisiana primary set by the state government, it's not set by the DNC.  Hillary won by more votes, she won with more delegates, pledged and unpledged and what I found was a joint fundraising agreement that had an addendum attached to it that gave the Clinton campaign control over three different departments prior the nomination.  I found that to be unethical and something that made it hard for me to do my job as chair

Crouere: But Donna, didn't that make it harder for Bernie to win if all those various agreements were in place with Hillary's campaign?

Brazile: Well, Bernie also had a joint fundraising agreement that he did not follow through and raise money for it.  They did and in exchange for, the DNC was broke and in exchange for bailing out the DNC, they put us on a starvation diet and again, it made it impossible to do my job which is why I said it was cancerous. 

Part 2, Wednesday

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