Mike Malak

Mike Malak

yates hearingFormer Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, Jr., and former Acting Attorney General, Sally Q. Yates, testified in a public Senate hearing, on Monday, that they couldn’t testify in public about, mostly, anything of consequence that pertained to Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. The ostensible reason why was that such information could reveal classified information. The likely result, if this continues, is that any impeachment of President Trump, likewise, will be secret.

trump clinton comey sickFBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that he was “mildly nauseous’ at the thought his actions might influence the 2016 election. The definition of that term is important. A fast ride at Disneyland can be mildly nauseous while a plane caught in a storm can cause passengers to lose their lunch. The conclusion is that Comey isn’t bothered enough to avoid going on the same ride again and that chance is coming, soon, in the scrutiny of President Trump and Russia. 

trump cakeKids write longer letters to Santa than the less than 200 word, one page, Donald Trump tax code reform proposal. If the concept passes, as Trump envisions, it will be a very Merry Christmas for the rich and corporations. A very, very, Merry Christmas! Yes, Virginia!

trump wiki“It is to take the rights of the press outside the rights of the law because those rights are superior to the law because in fact they create the law.” –Julian Assange.


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