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Thursday, 05 October 2017 14:45

New Orleans Mayor's Race--Desiree Charbonnet slams Sidney Torres for Ray Nagin hypocrisy Featured

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Slightly over a week to go into the New Orleans Mayor’s race and the focus seems to be on a side show involving Desiree Charbonnet-Sidney Torres than it is between any of the leading candidates.  Charbonnet is a mayoral candidate, LaToya Cantrell is a major candidate, Michael Bagneris is a major candidate, Sidney Torres is not.

 The conflict goes back to last Wednesday when Charbonnet pulled out of a Voice PAC forum controlled by Torres. Charbonnet pulled out of the forum citing ethical concerns and noting that two television stations decided at the last moment to not be part of the questioning panel.

Since then, Torres has responded out of anger with TV commercials against Charbonnet, claiming that she should not become Mayor of New Orleans since she cannot face the “tough questions”.

New Orleans Mayor's Race--Desiree Charbonnet, Sidney Torres slam one another over former mayor, now, federal prisoner, Ray Nagin.

Torres’s latest commercials claim she is part of the corrupt New Orleans political system.

Today, Charbonnet hit back with the following message:

In its latest Voice PAC advertisement, Sidney Torres references public contracts and donations to political candidates. Torres attempts to make a connection between Desiree Charbonnet and former Mayor Ray Nagin. 

A full accounting of Torres’s own public contracts and political activity would reveal this as the total hypocrisy it is.

Public records show that Sidney Torres contributed thousands of dollars to Ray Nagin and Torres received a multi million dollar garbage contract under Nagin’s administration. 

Sidney Torres should provide the public a comprehensive list of all his public contracts and political donations, past and present. 

Torres should come clean with the citizens of New Orleans and remove or change this bogus and divisive commercial.  New Orleans deserves better . 

Desiree Charbonnet, Sidney Torres--whom do you side with?  Tell us below


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