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New Orleans Mayor's Race, Cantrell near 40% white, black vote: UNO stats

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uno electionAccording to the University of New Orleans, data provided by Political Science Department Professor Ed Chervenak, the turnout numbers and demography indicates that LaToya Cantrell received the best race-based cross-over support of any of the candidates.

Here are some of the details provided by the UNO survey after Saturday’s city wide elections:


Election day turnout was 26 percent for the mayoral election, with the mayoral race achieving an overall turnout was 32 percent, a 3 percentage point decrease from the 2014 election.  No other election cracked the 30 percent mark in turnout.

Turnout varied to some extent by the racial composition of the precinct. One-third of non-black voters showed up at the polls compared to 22 percent of African-Americans.

There was also variation in turnout by council district. District A had the highest turnout rate. In District E less than one-quarter of registered voters cast a ballot.

Bagneris did relatively much better with non-black voters than he did with black voters. He received three times more support from non-black voters than he did from African-American voters. Cantrell ran well across the city. There is a measure of dispersion around her trend line in the plot chart, but she received, on average, 40 percent of the vote in neighborhoods all across the city. Charbonnet split the black vote with Cantrell, but Cantrell collected twice as many non-black votes as Charbonnet Cantrell won 3 of 5 council districts and tied in the other two.

Cantrell performed best in District B and District A


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