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Thursday, 19 October 2017 17:53

Crouere: Charbonnet needs to go after Cantrell in Torres-sideshow, New Orleans Mayors Race Featured

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The New Orleans Mayor’s race was boring. The main excitement was the sideshow between businessman Sidney Torres and Desiree Charbonnet. Torres wasn’t even a candidate. Since LaToya has a strong lead in the runoffs that will occur November 18, her opponent needs to go negative and she will do so.

Those were just some of the comments from political analyst and conservative talk radio host Jeff Crouere in a Facebook Live discussion Thursday night, only days after the general election.

elow is a beginning excerpt of the first part of the interview with Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky.

Here is the video of this part of the discussion.

It was disappointing that voters were so disengaged.  You had just apathy all over.And my reason for being upset is because I think there's so many important issues that need to be addressed by the next mayor, I would have thought that people would have been engaged and excited about voting and excited about electing a new mayor, but it was not the case.

From the very beginning the race was ho hum, and maybe was the electorate. maybe was the candidates, it certainly wasn't the issues.  We had lots of issues. That wasn't the problem. Maybe the media didn't focus on it enough, but, I sort of think they did.  We had a number of debates and so forth.  The sideshow with Sidney Torres really got the most attention.  I mean that really became one of the big issues in the race not the candidates fighting but Sidney Torres fighting Desiree Charbonnet which was a sideshow.   

Really disappointed me in that you didn't have more excitement engagement in the race. 

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay, so do you think that's gonna change?

I do. I was talking to you a representative of the Charbonnet campaign, can't divulge too much, but I think the gloves are gonna come off, I think we're gonna see more the feisty competition between the two.  Because, really there wasn't much going on between the two of them.  You had Sidney and Charbonnet and you had Judge Bagneris attacking the two ladies, but really not much between the two of them. Desiree was attacking Sidney and it was bizarre.  But I think they're gonna obviously have to engage each other and Desiree's got ground to make up, so the best way to do that is to highlight your differences with the opponent and the best way to do that is negative campaigning.

Sabludowsky asked Crouere why was the voter turnout so low:

 I think that you could say that it was the candidates.  Maybe didn't excite the people that the candidates were not engaging enough.  I think there's no real outsized personality in any of these candidates, there's nobody that's really someone that captures the imagination of the people.  You don't have someone that's been well known like Mitch Landrieu for years or the Morial family and you just have a different set of candidates and I think it's exciting and then we're gonna have a first woman.  I mean that that should draw some attention and maybe that'll draw some national, some media-- that will get things fired up a little bit in the runoff where you know this is going to be history in the making,  the first woman mayor of New Orleans/  So I'm looking at that as maybe something that'll generate more interest.

The experts say that the turnout might be even less in the runoff which is sad.  It's a week before Thanksgiving.  It's two candidates instead of 18--so you only have two candidates working to get people out. You don't have as much on the ballot, we don't have as many council races, so all these different factors don't bode well for a more turnout. 

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