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Cantrell tops Charbonnet in cash, rebuffs Black Ministers in New Orleans Mayor's Race

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cantrell charonnetNow, for a New Orleans Mayor’s Race wrap:

LaToya Cantrell has become the money machine, not so, Desiree Charbonnet. The Inter-Denominational Ministerial Alliance, who already supported Desiree Charbonnet has injected itself into the race again, calling for Cantrell’s resignation, which prompted her quick rebuke.  Also, a date has been set for the WWL TV forum, two days from election day.



The tide has turned. Desiree Charbonnet who was rolling in the fundraising dough prior to her coming in second place on general election day, has collected only $ $357,434.53 in total contribution receipts in the last filing period.  According to the report, her campaign is in the red by $-25,113.78.

 Whereas Cantrell, who was nine points ahead on election day, and possibly even more now, has soaked up a hefty campaign cache, with $ 613,084.14 from Sept. 25 and Oct. 29.  Her campaign is in the black with $351,423.37 as of October 29.


The Inter-Denominational Ministerial Alliance called for Latoya Cantrell to drop out of the race citing the credit card controversy. 

Cantrell responded to the group with the following statement: 

"It’s come to my attention that eight ministers from the inter-denominational ministerial alliance, which endorsed my opponent, held a press conference to criticize my candidacy. I appreciate their concerns, but I want to be clear: I will continue running a campaign focused on unifying our people, erasing artificial divisions and addressing the issues that matter to voters. When I am Mayor, I will listen to and collaborate with this group – and others – because we all have the same goal: a safer and better New Orleans."


A televised forum with WWL TV is scheduled:


November 16


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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