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Desiree Charbonnet trails LaToya Cantell in money, endorsements, poll, but 8 days to go

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charbonnetThe New Orleans Mayor’s race runoff is now eight days away. Lots can happen between now and then.  But here are some quick observations, and some relevant tweets worth reviewing.


 In a remarkable turnaround, Desiree Charbonnet, the queen in raising money during the past year has hit the money trail with a thud, post primary-election day. Meanwhile, her opponent, LaToya Cantrell, who did not catch the campaign money trace on fire, has out-raised her by over one hundred thousand dollars since Cantrell led her by nine points election night.  What does this advantage for Cantrell mean?  She can go toe to toe with Charbonnet compared to weeks ago when the Municipal Court Judge had the cash to burn.  This means, no one candidate will saturate the media with ads.


Michael Bagneris, who came in third has gone on the radio with his promotion for Cantrell. Given his good performance in the non-black community, he can possibly sway some of those voters who backed his pro-business, city-referendum on Confederate monuments campaign. Also, Troy Henry, who came in fourth has supported Cantrell.  The black ministers have called upon Cantrell to resign from the campaign.  I don't quite think that's going to happen.  Their tactic will backfire against them should Cantell win, as it will show they lack the sway. 


With more money to spend right now and with a nine to 18 point lead, Desiree Charbonnet better make up some ground and fast. I say 9 to 18 point lead because so far, there are no polls other than one funded by an organization Democrats for Education Reform that came out days ago which has indicated anything and that one had Cantrell up by 18 points.  This is in remarkable contrast with what occurred in the primary when almost every day, somebody was releasing a poll.  

Charbonnet camp says their numbers look good referring to their own internals.  Perhaps they do, but they have not released any of the evidence, although they have been fast to send out evidence of credit card spending ever since that New Orleans city council credit card controversy first broke.


With a money advantage and a poll lead, with the credit card scandal not really making much hay, at least, poll-wise, there is plenty of reason to believe that Cantrell is in the catbird seat.  But, remember, eight days is a long time in the world of politics.  Just think Donald Trump versus Clinton, then again, I don’t think we have many Russians intruding in this election.

{tweetme theme=t3_blue}I have no idea whom to support for Mayor..{/tweetme}

Just kidding.


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