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Thursday, 16 November 2017 23:02

Charbonnet says Cantrell MIA who runs out election clock?

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IA cantrellThe Desiree Charbonnet campaign is on the attack with two days left in the New Orleans Mayor's race against LaToya Cantrell. On Tuesday the University of New Orleans poll indicated that Charbonnet trails Cantrell by 11 points. Last week, another poll evidenced an 18 point gap.


Possibly, as a result of the purported lead, Cantrell just might be playing defense or in other football parlance, trying to run out the clock.

However, that possible strategy might be the reason for today's e-missive as the Charbonnet campaign, through its media advisor, tries to point out that Cantrell is, well, just not around, perhaps AWOL?

Despite Mitch Landrieu, voters sleep walking in La Toya Cantrell vs. Desiree Charbonnet New Orleans Mayor's Race--LaToya Cantrell, Desiree Charbonnet
Here is the campaign email:

When Latoya Cantrell told a reporter that “people suck” she must have had New Orleans voters in mind. She’s avoiding them at every turn in these most important final days before the mayoral election. She has canceled or no-showed appearances at the International High School’s Mock Election, the Jeremiah Group’s Dinner and Dialog, the People’s Town Hall on the Sewerage and Water Board Crisis, and now the Rotary Club’s Mayoral Forum.

Beleaguered by a Legislative Auditor’s investigation into her illegal use of the city credit card for personal and campaign expenses and dogged by years of personal financial mismanagement, Cantrell is avoiding public appearances.
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“Given that she didn’t show up to oversee the Sewerage and Water Board when it was her job, it’s no surprise she skipped a voluntary town hall meeting with the people suffering because of her lack of leadership,” said Charbonnet senior media advisor Kevin Stuart. “For five years she did nothing while the OIG sounded the alarm, and now she’s terrified she might have to answer for it. This is what we can expect

if Cantrell is elected. She talks a good game, but doesn’t get the job done—she doesn’t even show up.”


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