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Dirtiest New Orleans election ever help Charbonnet over Cantrell? Assure Schroder win?

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tidmore mayorMight tomorrow’s New Orleans Mayors Race be so negative and dirty that it could result in a Desiree Charbonnet victory over LaToya Cantrell and a landslide victory for Republican John Schroder over Democrat Derrick Edwards n the Louisiana treasurer's race?


This scenario, although very remote, seems to be within the margins of fair possibilities according to Christopher Tidmore, who painted this perhaps shocking picture for tomorrow’s runoff.

Tidmore, is the political editor for the Louisiana Weekly and who has a weekend radio talk show on WRNO made his comments this morning during a Bayoubuzz Facebook live video.

Why a shocking picture?  After all,  based upon the polls and perhaps the conventional wisdom on the streets, Cantrell has a substantial lead over Charbonnet, anywhere from ten to 20 points, perhaps.  Thus, an actual turnout that presents Charbonnet as the victor would seem quite unlikely.  Also,  John Schroder is expected to win in a virtual landslide against Democrat Edwards simply due to the fact that Louisiana is a ruby-red state and Schroder is a Republican. Experts say the only way that Edwards can win is if the turnout is so massive in New Orleans and so poor in elsewhere Louisiana, that the Democrats will come out, giving Edwards the edge.  Thus, a very poor turnout torpedos Edwards' chance of winning.

Here's the picture--Tidmore said that he has covered hundreds of races and has never seen one as dirty as this Mayor’s race and as a result, the mud being thrown could have some very interesting effects--namely that remarkably low turnout.  Plus, if you factor in other developments such as the efforts by Republican Congressman Cedric Richmond to help James Gray in the District E contest and to aid Charbonnet, the race gets tighter.  Add, Republican Congressman Steve Scalise's endorsement of Charbonnet from earlier this week  (and add other political considerations to the paint mix), Charbonnet could get more people to the polls than Cantrell. 

Here is the initial and relevant segment of the interview with Tidmore. Below and the video. To watch more of the interview, click here

I do well, probably better than the two mayoral candidates are doing right now who both look like beat up pieces of meat. 

I have to say, Steve, I have covered dozens of elections, probably hundreds. I have never seen an election as dirty as this election is. Think about the ads that were on just this morning.  On the one hand, you had Desiree Charbonnet--Latoya Cantrell and her allies attacking Desiree Charbonnet for having, essentially not only be supportive by strip clubs--but the implication by one of the speakers was “and, you know the strip clubs don't do a lot about sex trafficking”.

As if Desiree Charbonnet or anyone around her has anything to do with sex trafficking. Conversely, you have blatant ads supported by supporters of Charbonnet that come out and say-- "well she's straight out of Compton"

It's a racial implication, and the racial card is being played, but, it's also the argument that Latoya Cantrell is essentially on the same level as Roy Nagin and will soon end up in prison. And when you look at the two sides, it's one of the situations where the old adage--"My distinguished opponent, when was the last time you beat your wife"?.

How do you answer this? And one of the side effects of all this race is--I think this may be one of the lowest turnout runoffs we have ever seen in a competitive New Orleans election. And that has major implications for the council B & E races and for the treasurer's race, statewide. It may be the best thing that happened to John that particular race.



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