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New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu gets even more national media, now Politico Featured

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Landrieu re elected smallNew Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has received plenty of national attention lately.

Last week, David Axelrod interviewed him, on Wednesday the WH press secretary poked at him during the House Press Briefing and today, Politico interviewed him.

Below are excerpts from the Politico interview.  Also below is a segment from a Facebook conversation that Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky had yesterday with progressive-blogger and publisher Lamar White concerning Landrieu’s recent national notoriety, his involvment as President of the Conference of US Mayors and the conflict he has had recently with the Trump administration.


HOW HE’S CLOSING OUT HIS TERM AS NEW ORLEANS MAYOR: “We’re preparing to celebrate our 300th anniversary. On that day, we hope to demonstrate to the country all the work we’ve done in the last eight years, being one of the great American comeback stories. We’ve rebuilt our schools, we’ve rebuilt our health clinics, we’ve built three new hospitals, we’ve rebuilt the airport and rebuilt the riverfront. … Hopefully when the year comes around we’re going to demonstrate that we’ve used the last eight to 12 years to really come up with good models of governance that can be reflected across the country.”

IN WORKING WITH TRUMP: “This administration is particularly confused about what they want to talk about at any particular time. They have a very hard time staying on message and as a consequence it is hard to respond to. We don’t have a set position, we’re always ready to work. Whenever they want to find an issue that we have common ground on, and even ones that we disagree on, we’re always ready to be engaged. We don’t have an ideological bent; we don’t have the freedom to do that. We have to work with any president at any time to try to find an answer that works.”

ON CITIES WORKING TOGETHER POST-PARIS ACCORDS: “New Orleans is in as vulnerable of a position as almost any other city in America, but we’re certainly not the only one. … The existence of New Orleans will be threatened if we don’t arrest and/or abate the deterioration of our coast. That’s just as clear as day. There’s no debate that’s actually happening. … We just decided that if the federal government wasn’t going to participate, that we were not going to stop. And that cities across America, if there wasn’t going to be a federal policy, could in fact create a national action plan to hit some of those goals to protect our cities.”

ON HOW MAYORS CAN WORK WITH CONGRESS: “Don’t wait to bring us in until the last minute when everything looks like it's gone to hell in the handbasket. Talk to us early and we might be able, based on our practical experience, to help you design a better mousetrap on whatever it is you might be talking about. … We’re the ones who build all the projects on time, on task and under budget. We do it much better than the federal government does. But they’ve got to show up to do that role.”

ON WHY IT IS IMPORTANT THAT MAYORS COME TO D.C.: "Communications need to take place in real time and not have Congress just pass stuff and mayors come down and say, ‘Oh by the way, did you realize what the unintended consequences of your good intention was?’ [That’s] why we’re here on a consistent basis, to communicate with them, and why we continue to tell them quit thinking of us as a special interest. We’re the best partner you have.”


Sabludowsky: The column I wrote today actually was about Trump and Mitch Landrieu

White: Yea, I saw that...

Sabludowsky: So my my take is that on that and the reason why I wrote that is because regardless as to what Mitch Landrieu's intent is, here in terms of the monuments, regardless and you know he's getting he's getting hit you know big time I think here in Louisiana, but regardless you know he's in a kind of no-win situation with his taking on  Trump taking on of course the press secretary Sanders and doing his stint with the US Conference of Mayors because down here, the crime situation is so bad that he can't win 

White: With respect to the  sanctuary city stuff that they're trying to implement isn't it right 

Sabludowsky: That's exactly exactly  

White: I mean if you look at every major city, almost every major city in the entire country that is claimed s to be a sanctuary city like New Orleans obviously San Francisco Dallas Houston, the mayors of those cities and their police chiefs will tell you that that what the Trump, administration and in Texas what Governor Abbott is attempting to do, is really not good, it's not good practice.  They rely on, they need, people need to be freedom and I guess the piece of mind to be able to report a crime without fear of deportation, especially domestic crimes, so we've seen dramatic decreases among Hispanic, the Hispanic community in reporting rapes and domestic abuse, as a result of this, and of course reporting these crimes can lead to uncovering evidence of larger crimes, so I think it's counterproductive.   I think that in his capacity as president of the US Conference of Mayors he probably does speak for a bipartisan coalition of Mayors who disagree with the President on this ,disagree with their agenda and maybe it's not a win-win for him in Louisiana but, but like you point out, the monument issue wasn't really very popular among white people here and the Conservatives here, but it's earned Mitch quite a bit of national grace, so I don't know what is his political calculus is but I would think that because he's term limited and he's got a national megaphone now, he's gonna do what he wants to do-- and that includes maybe speaking truth to power.

Sabludowsky: The problem is that he represents, I mean I understand what you're saying and and and you know I had mixed feelings in terms of the you know the the issue in terms of how it was done, you know the  the problem is from not from my perspective is he represents the people of New Orleans right now and we have a crime situation, forget the Confederate monuments, we have a horrible crime situation, you know if we were critical about Bobby Jindal being on the the the governor he was the Republican governors president, he was of course running for president, if we were critical about Bobby Jindal then shouldn't we be critical about Mitch Landrieu.

Watch the rest of the discussion starting from the 22 minute 49 second mark of the entire Facebook interview.

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