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Louisiana Senator Bishop: No Saint player protested until Trump called them SOB’s Featured

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bishop vidThe loud and emotional primal scream involving the NFL players, the American flag, President Donald Trump has subsided slightly due to the volume of other intervening events--yelling for attention and because various NFL teams have taken a different approach—take a knee before the National Anthem but stand when the music begins.

 Still, some believe the issue is far from over since Americans favor the players to stand for the anthem.  Also, some in Congress and in state houses are harnessing attention by trying to punish the NFL in some pecuniary way for siding with the players.

Last week, Bayoubuzz published an oped we received from Louisiana Senator Wesley Bishop who is not only a lawmaker but a veteran and an attorney.   On Friday, we interviewed Senator Bishop as part of a Facebook Live discussion.  We have also attempted to interview Louisiana Representative Kenny Havard who has taken the lead on the state taking action against the Saints but we have not received any response to the emails sent to the Republican legislator.  

Below is part one of the video segment with Senator Bishop and a short summary of the beginning of that video segment:

During the  Facebook Live interview, the Senator said that he “really took the President’s words personally.  The Senator said he “had the chance “to serve my country with both honor and distinction”. He also stated that as part of his effort in the military to protect Americans, it was to protect liberty.  “I might not necessarily like what you have to say but I will defend your ability to say it”

Bishop said that he learned in law school that the constitution is built upon “a set of morals, a set of values” and “something called the Bill of Rights”.   He further said, if you were for the Constitution and if he were for the United States of America, “you have to at least understand the point that I was coming from”.

No New Orleans Saint player took a knee or protested until Trump's called them an SOB

He pointed out that the country did not see New Orleans Saints player protest, kneel or do anything until the president called them a “son of a bitch”.

I wore a couple of different hats so I thought that I'd come about a couple of different perspectives”, Senator Bishop said.   “Steve, I am a veteran. There isn't anybody more patriotic than me when it comes to representing this particular country or this particular state, and you don't have to agree with me or agree with somebody else, but I think we need to agree upon, is what this country was founded upon” 

Bishop said if one supports the Second Amendment agrees the Constitution “provides us with the right to bear arms, they can't just skip over the First Amendment which provides us with the Freedom of Speech. 


Watch segment one of the interview with Senator Bishop 1 found in the video above

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