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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 18:07

New Orleans coach Payton guns at Trump, National Anthem, Las Vegas shooting Featured

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payton shootFor the first ten years of his tenure as Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton was focused on football. He did not give his political opinions and rarely granted interviews. In fact, he seemed to despise the media and consider all of the reporters to be fools. Unfortunately, in the past year, Payton has been the one who has looked foolish. This is not due to his unimpressive results as Head Coach, leading his team to three straight losing seasons and a 2-2 record in 2017. Instead, it is due to his decision to enter the world of politics. 

 Most Saints fans would undoubtedly prefer the coaches and players refrain from expressing political opinions. They attend games to escape politics, not be exposed to political opinions from sports personalities. 

Despite the obvious wishes of most Saints fans, Payton entered the gun control debate yesterday. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre, in which 58 innocent people died and over 500 people were wounded, Payton said that U.S. gun laws are “flawed.” He also noted that “if that pisses people off, that’s tough.” 

Is Sean Payton out of his league with his anti-Trump, gun control comments?  Tell us below

He tweeted a New York Times figure that showed that more people have been killed by firearms in the U.S. since 1968 than in all of the battlefields in our history. He said it was a “crazy statistic” and that our “current system is not working.” 

After the murder of Will Smith in 2016, Payton opined that he “hated guns” and preferred “England, where the cops don’t have guns.” Ironically, in Payton’s country of choice, England, citizens and tourists are regularly confronted by terrorists trying to kill them. They use knives, trucks, buses, and even guns to commit mayhem. Gun control only works to limit the choices of law abiding citizens, it does not impact the choices of criminals who could not care less about breaking laws. 

Payton is dreaming of an idyllic world of no guns, but reality is much different. In the United States, citizens are regularly confronted by criminals. Every day, we learn of ordinary people using firearms to save lives, protect property and stop criminals from committing mayhem. 

Payton claims that he is not “an extreme liberal,” but he obviously is right in line with the Democratic Party’s position on gun control and President Trump. After the President condemned players for not standing for the National Anthem, Payton blasted the President. He said that the President was “dividing our country” and implied that he was not very smart. According to Payton, “I think we need a little more wisdom in that office.” 

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Payton never made one critical comment. Despite Obama’s mishandling of domestic and international issues, and all of the problems that ensued, Payton was silent.   

In addition, Payton never criticized Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who started the whole anthem controversy. Kaepernick criticized police and wore socks depicting them as pigs. He also wore a T-shirt glorifying Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who murdered political opponents and implemented a barbaric communist system of government that repressed the people of Cuba and brought about economic ruin for the nation. 

While many Saints fans were unhappy that symbols of America were being disrespected, Payton was “proud of every one of those guys” who sat for the National Anthem prior to the Carolina Panthers game. Last Sunday, Payton obviously approved of his players kneeling in unison prior to the start of the National Anthem. 

The new Sean Payton might want to consider a position with the Democratic Party after his tenure as Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints. Better yet, he may be able to land a position with ESPN, the notoriously liberal sports network that hates President Trump, but supports Kaepernick and the players who disrespect the National Anthem.   

In the past year, Sean Payton has obviously become bored with being coach and has enthusiastically entered the political arena. Payton not only does not care about any negative response from fans, but he also does not seem to care about the reaction of Saints owner Tom Benson. It says plenty about who is really in charge of the New Orleans Saints. 


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