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Trump's Non-disclosure trickles to New Orleans Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell's team?

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nda2Are we seeing some trickle down Trump now with New Orleans's incoming Mayor, LaToya Cantrell?

Many of us have long stated that the President of the United States sets the agenda in government and ethics.  When Donald Trump refused to show his income taxes destroying a tradition set by modern presidential candidates, it opened the door for others in state and local government to refuse to share financial information unbound by law to disclose.


When the President decided not to sell off his ownership or not to divorce himself totally from his business, many claimed it would send a message to the nation that certain business and property holdings for self and family is permissible even if it could create the perception of a conflict of interest.

And, when President Trump began to demand that members of his transition team and government sign non-disclosure agreements to forever bar the open dissemination of government inner workings, again, many of his critics on these issues expressed concerns that this would set a foundation for others in government to follow suit.

So, it comes as no surprise that the Mayor-elect of the City of New Orleans would do a Trump and demand members of her transition team to show loyalty to confidentiality, not openness.

According to reports, the Trump team was forced to sign a legal document preventing them from disclosing information about policy briefings, and other internal communications and information or risk the anger and legal consequences imposed by The Donald.

Now, the first female to win the rights to hold the keys to the New Orleans city apparently is putting a lock on the doors of openness.

According to The Advocate, her spokesperson Karen Shachat has said ““She’s looking for honest, open, frank discussions.  I think the transition sees this as a way to provide that and to give people a higher comfort level with that.”

Perhaps it would. But, transparency in government is paramount if the people want to trust its functioning. Nobody is forcing anyone to be on the transition team. Nobody is being forced to serve in government. If anyone is concerned about how their comments might be construed, it is better they stay far away from the public eye.

President Trump has shown us what occurs when you claim to be the most-transparent President or government leader but set up walls to deny the light.

Cantrell, who already is in the midst of a quasi-scandal, the city credit card controversy better learn now than when the public turns up the heat, the first thing that begins to sweat is the truth.


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