breitbarthead 3More and more, the discussion has turned to the stability of President Donald Trump.

The months of July and August have been horrendous so far for those supporting the Trump White House..  Top Trump staff such a Reince Priebus and now Steve Bannon have been canned. Sean Spicer was replaced by Mooch who certainly had no smooth sailing either.  Then, the emotional controversies related to the KKK and the Nazis blew up in Trump's face, leaving observers wondering if there is any sanity remaining.

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trump bannon2 7Steve Bannon is over at the White House and the future promises to be bloody.  According to Axios, it appears the decision was made earlier, Bannon was informed and the resignation would go into effect today.

The question now is, who will be doing the shooting, who will be the target and if President Trump will be in the crosshairs or, with his being forced out, if his presidency will be collateral damage.

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trump lie gopEvery day Donald Trump is President of the United States, the Republican Party lives another lie. Ronald Reagan would never belong to the party of Trump. Neither would Eisenhower, nor any other Republican President from the greatest to the most mediocre. Trump’s brand of Republicanism isn’t just unprecedented; it’s aberrant and dangerous.

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blood soilI get it.  I really do.

I understand how Donald Trump has become the symbol of hope to millions of good decent, hard working Americans, who love their children, who pay taxes, who revere God and who are tired with the way that the country has gone astray.

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quin hiller trump 3Can President Donald Trump’s critics including the mainstream media ever be satisfied?

We’ve heard this question.  We’ve read it. We’ve watched it being asked or ones similar to it made on television, social media and in public.

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kristol2 2There is little doubt that Donald Trump’s statements on Saturday were strong.

After the Friday night torch-display and after violence started to break out, Trump took to twitter and then to the cameras and denounced both sides of the violence.  He also condemned hate. The only problem with his tweets and statements on topic is—he played right into the narrative, that certain people are protected in Trumpville. Those people are Putin, Russia and right wing haters such as the alt right.


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fire brim 4Don't meant to make light of possible doom and gloom.

But, the major question I’m asking at this point is:  Will President disrupt his golf vacation now that we have the makings of a real worldwide disaster?

And another, perhaps more philosophical query comes to mind: How the heck did we get into this situation? We have the most powerful man in the world behaving like a six-year-old child and his now nuclear counterpart Kim Jong Un of North Korea, looking like a pyromanic punk rocker using dynamite for his background theatrics.

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trump north korea tweetPresident Donald Trump is starting to sound like the old, once popular, jukebox record that’s been played too many times and it’s grooves are so worn more static than music comes out of the speakers. There’s no one in the U.S., above the age of reason, who hasn’t heard the President’s assertion that there’s nothing to Russia.

The Russia story is “made up,” a “witch hunt,” and “fake,” Trump says over, and over, and over again. Forget the Kremlin’s house call to the White House; Don Jr.’s strange meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, the alleged flow of foreign money, including rubles into Trump properties; Mike Flynn; and Paul Manafort. Look the other way when every U.S. intelligence agency determined the Russians interfered in the 2016 election.

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andrew jackson trumpIt has been almost two years since New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu used a tragedy in South Carolina to advocate for the removal of four Confederate monuments in his city.


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trump einsteinForget the tax returns. What might be more interesting than his piggy-bank is  Donald J. Trump’s I.Q. Before we get to the soon-to-be 45th President of the United States some general observations are in order. First of these is that an I.Q. test that yields a result above 150 is, for all intents and purposes, purely conjectural. The test was devised, originally, to identify children who had learning disabilities, not genius. Only later did it become associated with bragging rights. Second, the test doesn’t take into account socio-economic differences between test-takers that can skew results. These have been labeled as inherent biases by some critics of the test, of which there is more than one type. Because there is no uniformity in estimates of Presidential I.Q.s the scores alleged, herein, were culled from various sources and account for whatever disparities may facially appear.    

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