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Louisiana Recall-- Mike Foster, David Duke, Edwin Edwards at a glance

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glanceLouisiana political history for laughs--Today's focus: Governor Foster, David Duke and Edwin Edwards

Louisiana is rich in natural resources and super rich in opportunities for all of us to laugh at our political figures as they deal with the issues before them.


For years, Louisiana’s political history has been riddled with real and or perceived corruption which, frankly is ongoing. We’ve had one reform Governor who some say couldn’t make a decision, another one who used rubber bands for behavior modification. We’ve had an elected official who made international news because of his successful blow-drying of his KKK and Neo-Nazi past. We’ve had anti-gambling candidates who appear to have been great promoters of the industry, once elected.  We’ve had politicians not considered to be serious candidates because of their affiliation to gambling and then, in less than a decade, we’ve wildly supported another gambling magnate for President of the United States. Louisiana has had and seems to have done it all. 

And thankfully, we have people who have chronicled all of this in their writings and their arts, and even some, who have made a career at lampooning the best and the worst of us.

This is what political cartoonist do and this is what Louisiana’s Fred Mulhearn has done for a few decades.

On Tuesday, I had the great pleasure of interviewing Mulhearn in an online video event that was simulcasted on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Youtube, Google+ and Bayoubuzz.  

Below is the transcription of the edited video of the first part of the interview. I admit the transcript narrative is somewhat irrelevant unless you watch the short video, which I hope you do. 


And, after that, I further hope you share this article with others. Oh, and don't forget to visit to buy his Looziana Political Cartoons book for yourself or for a Christmas gift for those who love recalling the state of confusion, Louisiana-style:

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MULHEARN: When he was first elected and there was question then about his stance on gambling, there's another one in the book where is the church crowd and he is passing the collection plate to the church of the religious right or something like that, and somebody says--and he's dressed in dealers clothes, like a casino worker and somebody says--"They say he's anti-gambling but I'm not quite sure he's with us" or something like that.  That was the question to begin with and that was a big issue at the time-- what Mike Foster will do on gambling and that's just the the slot machine has his not one, but three Mike Fosters, but what did they win at the time?

I was working on assembling all these cartoons, one of the things that occurred to me over and over is how little things change the same issues come up administration after administration and everything. And it seemed to me that that was the only issue that's gotten resolved to some extent--is gambling, because in the early cartoons the early discussion it was so controversial, you know, what were we going to accept, to what degree where we can accept it and so forth and that is the one, the budget, the schools, everything else is still the same old issue but, gambling is resolved to some extent, anyway. 

SABLUDOWSKY: Well you know actually let me just throw this out and I don't want to get too political about this in terms of editorializing but as you remember in 2007 we had an election for governor and one of the, one of the people running at the time of course was John Georges and he he had some some machines and some people were saying that they aren't going to vote for him because of that--a lot of people said that, quite frankly and so the same state who said that, just went with Donald Trump, who is Mr. Casino, for President of the United States. 

MULHEARN: Good Point

SABLUDOWSKY: So you just never know, you never know

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That's when David Duke was elected to the Louisiana legislature. He first came to the  Capitol, that's how I depicted him--wearing his Klan robes and so forth and he--that was his one elected office right? I don't think he ever--he's run for multiple offices--it was actually elected to, he didn't serve for that long and David Duke is a reoccurring, he comes back every few years--more cartoon material for sure.  he comes back the years and material that for sure.

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So let me move on to the next one, okay--and this one says, and I love this one--have you been a good little boy--

That was Edwards and Santa, right?

That was after sec, no, the first trial, his first trial in the third term--I think it was, 


He had,  it was a hung jury, but so much damaging information came out about Edwards during that trial, that people didn't realize the extent of his gambling in the suitcases of money the aliases he used in casinos and all that--but anyway, has he been a good little boy, he says, it's a hung jury. 

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