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Mulhearn Cartooning Tauzin, Governors Edwards, Vitter Lampoons

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tarpoon lampoon mulhearnAs the great John Maginnis, used to say, “I owe it all to the material”, so does political cartoonist like Fred Mulhearn,   

Earlier this week, I interviewed Mulhearn, about his work and his new book “Looziana Political Cartoons”, that is a compilation of his cartoons.


On Wednesday, we published part one of the Facebook Live interview which covered cartoons involving Edwin Edwards, former Governor Dave Treen and former House Rep, David Duke.

Below is the narrative of part two, which includes Billy Tauzin, Edwin Edwards once again, John Bel Edwards, the current governor and David Vitter.

We hope you view the short video in which Mulhearn describes the individual cartoons and the political environment surrounding them.

SABLUDOWSKY: it's a picture of Billy Tauzin and Billy Tauzin says this is great, I announced early and lined up all the insiders-- wait a minute I'm gonna run says Edwin Edwards and next panel has Tauzin in a big plop

MULHEARN: I had heard a commentator speaking on the radio not too long ago and said Tauzin never got over that, he was assured that Edwards would not be running in that election and he tried to line up all his campaign and then Edwards did decide to run which blew away Edwards's chances. And that he's been bitter about that--I don't know if it's true or not but that's what 

SABLUDOWSKY: In that race you had what six, seven candidates-- Buddy Roemer,Jim Brown and the Brown papers-- you had a cartoon about that I thought it was really funny.   

MULHEARN: Speedy Long

SABLUDOWSKY: Bob Livingston, 


SABLUDOWSKY: and lo and behold, we had a revolution.  By the way, these appeared in different newspapers--why don't you tell us about--  let me interject--this one here says "next question who is the governor of our state and you have these little kids say "B Lee" and "V Lee" and "T Wong" and "Ed Neff" 

MULHEARN: Again this goes back to the first Edwards corruption trial and the information came out that he had used multiple aliases in the casinos including those and that's what that cartoons about 

SABLUDOWSKY: Yep he it was pretty easy to come up with ideas wouldn't you say?

MULHEARN: (Laughter) yes

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure, I mean definitely so let's let's move. And the next one, okay, now we have another Edwards but this one is looks like, 

MULHEARN: Well you asked about cartooning and I've been drawing cartoons as far back as I can remember. I was the cartoonists for the high school newspaper, for the Tech talk when I was a student was a student at Louisiana Tech, when I moved to Baton Rouge in 1985 to attend law school--started drawing for The Advocate and syndicating the cartoons to other newspapers around the state and that continued until 2013 or so when the new ownership took over the Advocate, and I still draw, or still syndicate to papers around state mainly weekly papers and so if your weekly paper doesn't have a Mulhearn cartoon--and ask them why?

SABLUDOWSKY: Absolutely. Now this one I think is really really cute we like I said we have a different governor, this one is-- looks like the cell phone--hello Donna, remind me again why I wanted to be governor and obviously the waters all the way up to his knee

MULHEARN: And then--is there a paper headline that says something about the legislature?

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah special session

MULHEARN: Right at the same time, John Bel Edwards got off with a bad start-- on his first day--his pick was not chosen as speaker, as Speaker of the House and so anyway that's this film is not the beginning, but all into after the special sessions and all that when it turned out so chaotic, the flooding and the police shootings and all that--happening right in the beginning of his administration

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah, you know it's funny because I didn't see that in the paper, so I missed the message altogether, when I saw it so yeah he's in deep water for sure In terms of the money and the water--so the flood.

SABLUDOWSKY: So  LET me hit another one this one really cute we have some guy who actually ran against Edwards, David Vitter--"seems to be working, David Vitter's reelection plan, raise lots of money, be against anything Obama is for, and never question--I think--that one's covered up a little bit, but I you know, I think you can guess what that one is--I'm sorry, yeah--never mention, never mention, I'm sorry, never mentioned the-- 

So go ahead, go ahead 

MULHEARN: Never mention, we're not going to talk about it...which is his strategy for a long time, it worked for a long time 

SABLUDOWSKY: yeah sure did ,I mean

MULHEARN: Well it got him elected Senator, re-elected Senator, but it didn't work when he ran for governor 

SABLUDOWSKY: Well, it didn't and I think in part because quite frankly Obama had, he was on his way out, you know the economy was beginning to do well, so it was difficult for him to run against Obama 

MULHEARN: uh, hum, 

SABLUDOWSKY: but he tried


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