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Thursday, 01 February 2018 21:39

Bobby Jindal advises, slams Trump, GOP, Dems, Obama in WSJ Op Ed

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jindal trump 3Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has penned an oped published in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that took a not-to-subtle swipe at Republican President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and of course, the Democrats and President Barack Obama. The column was somewhat reminiscent to Jindal's "stupid party" statement he made post-Mitt Romney presidential loss.

Jindal was one of the Republican candidates for President of the United States who last only a few months in the race although he had been on the campaign road as governor for much of his second term in office.

Jindal had previously called Trump an "narcissist egomaniac"  In the WSJ column he said that Trump has grown the Republican base but that the party must exclude the "crude behavior", obviously referring to Trump.
Barack Obama famously aspired to be transformative like Ronald Reagan rather than incremental like Bill Clinton. What about Donald Trump? His friends and foes alike seem to share only the conviction that he changes everything. But it’s worth considering how lasting his legacy will prove to be. What will happen to the conservative populist movement that he masterfully discerned and harnessed—but did not create—after he is done?
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the real danger with Mr. Trump is that he may end up changing little. This is not to detract from his real accomplishments in undoing much of the Obama regulatory regime, enacting pro-growth corporate tax reform, and appointing judges who recognize they are not legislators. But Mr. Trump is clearly a one-man show, sticking his finger in the dike to hold back liberalism’s flood, while both parties seemingly learn nothing and try to wait him out.

It is easy to lose sight of the substance and be distracted by the disruptive style, the aura of celebrity, the in-your-face tweets, and the unapologetic combative demeanor. While the new judges represent permanent change, and the lower tax rates may last a while, most of the executive orders and regulatory actions can be easily reversed. Mr. Trump is a man, not a movement; he embodies executive strength, not a philosophy. When his time in office is up, he may leave behind millions of frustrated, voiceless people facing a status quo government and two limp, self-serving political parties eager to return to what they were, which wasn’t much.


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