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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 13:04

Poll: Scalise tops House Speaker pick, Donald Trump Jr. heads alleged collusion charge

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Steve Scalise, the Republican House Whip from the 1st Congressional District of Louisiana, who was shot during a baseball practice last year, is the leading candidate for Speaker of the House, as per the most recent Politico, Morning Consult poll.

Scalise has not declared his candidacy for the position as he has supported the House Majority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, but indicated that he might run if McCarthy did not.  According to this poll, Scalise might want to keep the gavel warm as McCarthy is at bottom of pack.

The poll also indicates that Donald Trump Jr. is considered to be the most likely of all of the Donald Trump family and campaign staff that might be implicated in an alleged Russia-Trump collusion web. 

Here is the summary findings from the poll from the poll that measured midterms enthusiasm, House Speaker race, Russian-Trump collusion and more:

With the elections less than 100 days away, "Over eight in ten voters (83%) say they are motivated to vote in the upcoming midterms, compared to 9% who are not motivated. Over three-fourths (76%) said motivated in May while 72% said the same in December."

Increased enthusiasm among Democrats and independents: 87% of Democrats say they are motivated, compared to 80% who said the same in May.  73% of independents said motivated while 64% said the same in May

Voters would be most likely to vote for a candidate endorsed by former President Obama (42%) and least likely to vote for someone endorsed by Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi (41% each)

Scalise, Pelosi top voter choices for next House Speaker: 18% of GOP voters say they would like to see Steve Scalise as the next House Speaker, while 11% say Jim Jordan and 9% say Kevin McCarthy (57% DK/no opinion).

32% of Dems want Nancy Pelosi as House speaker, compared to 13% who say Tim Ryan and 3% who say Steny Hoyer (38% DK/no opinion)


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Plurality believe Trump, Trump Jr., acted improperly in alleged Russia-Trump collusion: 47% think President Trump acted improperly when it comes to alleged Russia-Trump campaign collusion, while 33% say it is unlikely he acted improperly.

Democrats (77%) and independents (45%) are more likely to say Trump acted improperly while most Republicans (63%) say unlikely

Here's what voters think on whether some key members of President Trump's inner circle were involved in the alleged collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign:

Donald Trump Jr. - 45% likely
Jared Kushner - 37% likely
Paul Manafort - 37% likely
GOP/Trump would split blame if government shutdown goes ahead: If a government shutdown occurred, 39% would blame President Trump, 13% would blame Congressional Republicans and 33% would blame Congressional Democrats.

Congressional Democrats would be responsible according to GOP voters (69%) while Democrats would blame President Trump (61%) and Congressional Republicans (24%)
44% say passing a bill protecting Dreamers is not important enough to justify a government shutdown, 42% say it is important enough
The full results are also available at

This poll was conducted from August 10-12, 2018, among a national sample of 1,992 registered voters. The interviews were conducted online and the data were weighted to approximate a target sample of registered voters based on age, race/ethnicity, gender, educational attainment, and region. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.


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