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Mike Yenni won't seek Jefferson Parish President seat, so Sheng vs. Young

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Mike Yenni, the beleagured but successful President of Jefferson Parish has made his future decision. He will not run for re-election.

Yenni, the former Mayor of the City of Kenner, was voted parish president in 2015. Shortly afterwards, he became embroiled in a personal controversy.  The two candidates who seek to replace him are Councilwoman Cynthia Lee Sheng and former Jefferson Parish President John Young.  Here is the just-released press statement from his media advisor Greg Buisson:


in an online post Parish President Mike Yenni today announced his decision not to seek a second term as Jefferson Parish President stating, “Jefferson Parish is stronger today and more poised for advancement in every aspect than it was when (he) assumed the role of Parish President.”

Said Yenni, “Since taking office in January of 2016, progress throughout Jefferson Parish has been undeniable.”  Yenni’s post enumerated a long list of achievements in various areas of government oversight before he stated his reasons for not seeking re-election.

Added Yenni, “While I treasure public service, there are still parts of the political process that come with the job that I don’t like.  I recognize that running for a second term would result in me having to spend the entire campaign talking about issues other than the great strides and forward movement Jefferson Parish has made under my administration. I can’t submit my family, friends, and this parish to months of that kind of campaign.  Michelle and I have two children and a third on the way, and as we prepare our growing family for the future I must focus on family and step away from politics.  Therefore, I will not qualify for re-election.”

He stated, “I also want the people of Jefferson to know that I recognize the disappointment caused by my personal actions. I apologized then and I am just as contrite today.  However, that never, ever impacted my ability to deliberate, act or govern.  Stepping away from the office that I love is difficult.  I walk away knowing that our second term would have continued the accelerating progress that we are making in dozens of critical areas.  But while our government is operating more efficiently, more transparently, and more effectively than any other time in the parish's history and polls show nearly 80% of our citizens have confidence in government approaching unparalleled levels, my decision not to seek re-election will allow the candidates to debate the real challenges ahead without the disruption of political theater.”

Yenni continued, “For two decades, I have worked to put into practice the values of honesty and people-first government instilled in me by a family who believed public service was amongst the most noble of professions.  As someone who has devoted a career to public service, both in government and the United States Navy, I can only hope that my life's aspiration to serve my community will one day allow me to be viewed in that context.”

Yenni, a 43-year-old Republican, vowed to continue working with “vigor” for parish advancements through the end of the term and to provide “a smooth transition with (his) successor” upon election. He closed his statement noting, “My wife Michelle and I thank each of you for the awesome trust you placed in me.  It has been the honor of my life to serve you.”

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