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Tuesday, 19 September 2017 15:40

Davis's own Louisiana Treasurer's race poll shows her leading Riser, Schroder, trailing Edwards Featured

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angelle davisAccording to a new poll commissioned by the Angele Davis Campaign for Louisiana State Treasurer and conducted by by JMC Analytics and Polling, Davis is leading that race among Republican candidates and might be heading into a runoff with Democrat Derrick Edwards.


The computerized poll finds slight change for all candidates from a previous JMC poll weeks ago.

Do you think the Louisiana treasurer's race will end in a runoff between Angele Davis and Derrick Edwards? Tell us below

Davis, who is running on a pro-Donald Trump campaign strategy has worked for Republican Governor Mike Foster, Democrat Mitch Landrieu's Lt. Governor's Office and for Bobby Jindal, as Commissioner of Administration.

Here's are the findings and how the analysis by John Couvillon, President and CEO of JMC:

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The poll "was commissioned to conduct this poll for the Davis campaign. There are three main takeaways from this poll: (1) Democrat Derrick Edwards maintains his previous plurality lead, (2) Angele Davis continues to build upon her lead among Republican candidates, and (3) neither Schroder nor Riser has shown any growth since candidate qualifying; in fact, Republican Terry Hughes has shown more movement than either of the two Republican legislators. On the ballot test, Democrat Derrick Edwards continues to gain strength among black voters (going from 61 to 64% support), while losing altitude among white Democrats (the 25% support he had in the last poll has slipped to 20%). Angele Davis remains the frontrunner among Republicans, going from 14 to 16% (leading with 25% among Republicans, 22% among white Independents, and running second to Edwards among white Democrats with 14%). Neil Riser and John Schroder are still neck and neck, with Riser running one point (6-5%) ahead of Schroder – a position which has not changed since the last poll. The remaining candidates received 5%, while 45% are undecided. In summary, this is a wide-open race on the Republican side, although Angele Davis has shown current and future growth potential, and Derrick Edwards appears to have a secure spot for the runoff.

However, in the race for campaign funds, which generally makes an impact upon the outcome of an election, John Schroder appears to have the lead, based upon a September 4 report finding. Schroder has ^15,643 left in the coffers compared to Davis's $352,592,  Riser's145,094 and Edwards's $667. 

Also, as per JMC:

For this poll, a sample of chronic households for an automated poll was chosen from the population registered to vote in the state of Louisiana, and there were 1,000 completed responses. The survey was conducted September 15 and 16. The margin of error, with a 95% confidence interval, was 3.1%. The demographic breakdown of the respondents was 71-27% white/black, while the party registration of respondents was 48-38% Democratic/Republican (15% Independents). 56% of the respondents were female (44% were male). The geographic breakdown of the respondents was as follows: 5% from Alexandria, 20% from Baton Rouge, 14% from Lafayette, 6% from Lake Charles, 9% from Monroe, 34% from New Orleans, and 12% from Shreveport (The explanation of the boundaries of these regions is graphically depicted in Exhibit A at the end of the poll analysis).



See the poll results which do not include cross tabs

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