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Louisiana Treasurer's Race: Riser, Schroder, Edwards, Edwards showdown Featured

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Louisiana Treasurer Race candidates
Louisiana Treasurer Race candidates

by Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax-Net. Read more of his columns that have been published on Bayoubuzz.com


Saturday is Louisiana election day for state treasurer and other races


This Saturday, October 14, is election day in Louisiana.  There is only one statewide race and that’s for state treasurer where there will be seven candidates on the ballot.
 The race hasn’t generated much interest in northwest Louisiana nor the entire state for that matter.  The race is centered around three Republican candidates – Angele Davis, Neil Riser, and John Schroder.

There is a Democrat in the race, Derrick Edwards, who could sneak into the runoff against  one of the three Republicans mentioned above.  But his chances of being elected are slim and none.
There are three Constitutional amendments on  the ballot, which will be voted on statewide.
 In Caddo Parish, there is the special election to fill the Caddo Commission District 12 seat of Ken Epperson, who resigned.  It is  held on an interim basis by Louis Johnson, who is running.  He has six opponents.
 They are:  Darius Zamar Kimble, Joyce M. Lawrence, Fred Moss IV, and Kay Proby-Waller.  They are all black Democrats.  There is also Whitney R. Williams, a Democrat, who lists her race as other.
 And in this predominantly black district a white Republican is also on the ballot – John W. Cunningham..
There are 14,293 registered voters in District  12.  Of that total, 5,989 or 42% are white, 8,309 or 58% are black, and 625 or less than one percent are other races. 
 By political party affiliation, 8,457 or 57% are Democrats, 3,292 or 23% are Republicans, and  3,174 or 22% are Other Parties.
 There is a judge’s race for a vacant seat on the 26th Judicial District Court, Division C, which includes Bossier and Webster parishes.  It is a head-up race between two candidates.
 They are Cynthia Carroll-Bridges and Lane Pittard.  Both are Republicans.

Money update in Louisiana's treasurer’s race

Republican candidate John Schroder has left everyone in the dust when it come to spending on the state treasurer’s race.  Between September 5 an September 24, he had expenditures of $584,821.
That brings his total amount spent on the race as of September 24 to $820,880.  That’s more than double what the other two major candidates – Angele Davis and Neil Riser have spent. It helps that Schroder had $500,00 in the bank as of Jan.1.

 Here are the latest figures

Angele Davis – Republican

Money on Hand as of Jan. 1 – $0.
Total Receipts as of Oct. 4 – $453,220.
Total Expenditures as of Sept. 24 – $325,311.
Money on Hand as of Sept. 24 – $203,872.
Money Received from PACs – $8,750.

Neil Riser – Republican   

Money on Hand as of Jan. 1 – $20,193.
Total Receipts as of Oct. 4 – $475,057.
Total Expenditures as of Sept. 24 – $392,204.
Money on Hand as of Sept. 24 – $88,170.
Money Received from PACs – $72,650.

John Schroder – Republican

 Money on Hand as of Jan. 1 – $500,000.
 Total Receipts as of Sept 24 – $436,955.
 Total Expenditures as of Sept. 24 – $820,880.
 Money on Hand as of Sept. 24 – $101,752.
 Money Received from PACs – $62,697.



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Lou Gehrig Burnett

Lou Gehrig Burnett is the publisher of Fax-Net, a North-Louisiana newsletter.


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