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Wednesday, 31 January 2018 18:40

Pinsonat: For Louisiana voters, Trump or Chuck and Nancy?

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chuck donnie nancyLast night, the world watched President Donald Trump give his first State of the Union speech. Politically, it resonated throughout America.  What about in Louisiana?  More broadly, what can politicians and legislators learn from the Trump phenomena as they approach the upcoming elections and the legislative session?

This was the first line of questions I asked Pollster Bernie Pinsonat today in a Facebook and Twitter Live discussion.  During the entire interview, we touched upon a full range of issues from Trump, the local and national Congressional elections, who might run for Governor, the impact of John Kennedy, the popularity of John Bel Edwards and so much more.

Below is the transcript of part of the first segment of the interview in which we talked about Trump and Louisiana.   Also, below is the video. The segment related to Trump ends at the 4:32 mark. If you want to listen to more about what Pinsonat said about the Trump impact on Louisiana voters and politicians, move the scroll on the video to the 4:32 point. 

PINSONAT: I don't know what their sample wasor who they polled but I saw CBS at 75 percent thought the president gave a good speech, in Louisiana it probably would be around that number.  It was a speech about his accomplishments and I'm sure his voters, especially his voters are a hundred percent agreement with him.  Trump  is kind of odd, I guess you'd say  odd--but he has something wait for, that you haven't seen-- in he's got that 42% base and it stays with him, it doesn't matter what he does.  How many people have that kind of base--no matter what he does his base really doesn't care they just like what he says and what he does.   And hard to get them off him.   But that speech, I'm not gonna say it resonated with a hardcore Democrats but it certainly was something that his base and probably the average person who's not a politico-- yeah I'm sure they they liked what he said.

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure so what lessons do you think that maybe those people who are getting to try the raise money to run for an office here in Louisiana or those people who are revving up the legislative session in lessons you know perhaps you can take from from the speech or what Donald Trump is doing that would help those people prepare?

PINSONAT: Well you have the Donald Trump that set an all-time record in Louisiana for votes, people turning out and voting for him.  He literally destroyed Hillary Clinton here-- it was indeed a surprise but yeah you have to be surprised and amazed at how big the turnout was for Donald Trump.  Still Louisiana is still a red state, there's nothing that you know I've seen that's gonna change that dramatically, I don't see the legislature moving back towards Democrats next yea.  I think ,you know and I work for some Democrats, they're harder to find and work for these days because there's so few of them in the capital. 


You know the majority of the money  next year will be overwhelmingly for Republicans.  We have two congressmen all running this year does anyone think any of the Republican congressman in trouble? No.  You've got the anti-trump stuff that's probably pushed some of the white Democrats more towards in the center but that's not a big problem for Republicans because Republicans will run ads and ask who do  you want representing you--Chuck and Nancy or do you want the Republican brand.  So Louisiana's pretty has pretty much gone Republican in last 20 years and if will it stay that hard right?  I don't, I don't know I don't have a crystal ball but at the present time it's pretty solid hard right.  There has been a slight shift and it's late related to attitude but I'm sure that no Republican congressman is that worried about it 


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