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Louisiana GOP hopes to rebound with Edwards-LSU basketball queries

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With less than six months remaining until voters go to the polls to re-elect Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards or pick his replacement, there is no question the two Republican candidates have not made much inroads, although, it is still early.

Yet, in hoping to rebound, perhaps, the Republican Party seems to be looking for a bounce of some type, in this case, the growing query involves the Democrat Governor Edwards and the LSU basketball team.


In an email press statement today, the LAGOP asked probing questions. Two of them insinuated that Edwards just might be trying to get inside information for gambling purposes.  LSU was being rocked by a major scandal right at the time that the time could have made it into the final four. That controversy involved the LSU basketball coach and top player involved an the NCAA investigation.  The Republican Party appears to be suggesting that Edwards was obsessed with obtaining status of the team player and coach so with the inside information, a bet on the game could be made. 

The question asked (which is below) kinda sounds the attorney asking the witness at trial--"how long have you been beating your wife?". No answer is needed. Remove the bell out of the attorney's mouth. Mission accomplished. .

So, fair ball or foul?

No doubt, the Louisiana Republican Party is trying to turn this basketball scandal into a gubernatorial campaign issue.  You can bet on it.

But, ultimately, the question is this—why was Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards so involved in wanting status information?

Reports indicate that Edwards communicated with various individuals on a regular basis. 

The governor’s office response essentially has been that Edwards is an LSU fan, what’s wrong with that?

Below is the email sent by the LAGOP and related tweets:

You can read the details from an article here.

Yesterday, we learned that Governor John Bel Edwards was apparently very determined to obtain inside information on the playing status of one of LSU’s star basketball players, before this information was made public. The Governor sent multiple text messages to several LSU administrators, and continued to follow-up on the conversations until he received the insider information he was seeking.
Of course, this could all just be a case of Governor Edwards being a fan…except that his office and staff have treated this report so strangely, lashing out at every mention of it and fighting any further news coverage.
The Governor’s team promptly began a “definitely not hiding anything” communications strategy by refusing to comply with a simple records request for two months, delaying the production of these easily accessible and easily searchable electronic records to the media.
Next, and still definitely not hiding anything, the Governor’s office redacted certain comments from the text messages and refused to provide his text conversation with an LSU attorney.
Still definitely not hiding anything, Governor Edwards sent his top lawyer to answer questions about the matter. His attorney then stated “He (the Governor) was not trying to weigh in on whether he (the player) should or should not play. That clearly did not happen and would not have happened.”
Now the Governor’s communication staff is shouting down this article on social media and vigorously retweeting “defenders” of the Governor getting involved in this situation – DEFINITELY. NOT. HIDING. ANYTHING.
We have a few questions:
With whom did the Governor share this insider information?

Did those same individuals bet on any LSU basketball games?

What did Governor Edwards and F. King Alexander discuss on the phone?

Who asked the Governor to obtain this information?

Why did the Governor need to know this information before the public learned of it?

Why did it take two months to respond to the records request?

Why did the Governor question those specific LSU administrators?

If the Governor’s interest in this matter was only personal, why did he discuss the matter with one of LSU’s attorneys?
Further, if Governor Edwards was “asking for a journalist” why does the content of his conversation with the LSU attorney require the protection of the attorney-client privilege?

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