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Didya know? There's a US Senate race here in Louisiana Featured

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Have ya noticed? Louisiana is holding an US Senate contest in just two-and-a-half weeks.  While fixating on Fox, CNN or MSNBC taking in the latest from the Presidential drama on TV, perhaps you might have seen an ad or two promoting the Senatorial contest.  Or, maybe you haven't.

But, it's true. There is an election on November 3rd. And looking back, a mere six years ago, what a difference time and politics can make.

For those keeping score, as the state begins its early voting today, the Republican incumbent Bill Cassidy is facing a major Democrat Party challenger, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins, who has great credentials. He’s has a West Point education, Harvard law degree and military stints in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Cassidy, a medical doctor (as his white coat in some of her commercials represents), is the US Senator we don’t see much on national news.  That honor goes to our folksy and outspoken junior Senator, John Kennedy, who has mastered the cable news TV cameras fascination. Still, he's one of the '"go-to" experts whenever Obamacare repeal comes up

Going back six years ago, Cassidy decisively beat then-incumbent, powerful and popular Democrat Mary Landrieu.  The former chairwoman of the Senate Energy Committee, could not overcome her vote for Obamacare or the "Louisiana Purchase" tag.   Cassidy campaigned against the controversial law and against its namesake, President Barack Obama as did virtually all Republicans across the nation.  Now their opposition to the Affordable Care Act haunts some of the incumbents, but not Cassidy.

According to the polling forecasting from The Economist, the Republican, namely, Cassidy has a 98% chance of winning with the predictive vote share, 60% to 40%.

Again, according to the Economist, Cassidy is obviously riding the Republican advantage in Louisiana. President Trump has a better than 99% chance of winning Louisiana with the forecasted popular vote forecast in the range, Trump 52% to 62% compared to Biden’s 39% to 48%.  The actual predicted forecast is Trump 56.5 to 43.5%

While Perkins has done a very competitive job in fundraising this past quarter, raising $1.33 million during the last quarter compared to Cassidy’s $1.4 million from July 1 through Sept. 30, the incumbent has $680,000 on hand as of September 30 compared to $4.57 million for Cassidy.

Now ya know.

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