Jim Brown

Jim Brown

Jim Brown is a Louisiana legislator, Secretary of State and Insurance Commissioner.  

Website URL: http://JimBrownla.com

kangaroo-courtFollowing the Zimmerman verdict, a number of legal and media voices, hollered, “enough is enough.”  Angered by the verdict, no more criminal trials on television, they said.  But the Constitution guarantees that trials are public and open to everyone.  And what could be more public than televising a criminal trial for the whole world to see?

hate-crimeGeorge Zimmerman was found not guilty this past weekend in his trial for shooting Travon Martin.

south-roadOur friends up north need to let it go.  According to a cross section of northern commentators, the Second Reconstruction may be over, but they think a third one may be necessary. 

lsu-boardLouisiana State University, located in my hometown of Baton Rouge, takes on a new president this week. And to say that he has a big job ahead of him is an understatement. Educationally, the state’s largest university is a mixed bag of quality and mediocrity, typical of many public universities.

votingOn Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court effectively struck down the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965.


darkMy regular morning coffee group gets to the nuts and bolts of what’s wrong with America each morning as we hash it all out over strong chicory and beignets. 


tornadoIn spite of all the turmoil and tragedy visited on the little town of Moore, Oklahoma last week, one fact stands out:  Every family with a storm cellar survived. 

jindal-landrieuTwo seasoned political pros, who have lost a bit of their luster, may make the same big grab for political limelight in Washington.


prisonIs there something special about New Orleans? Of course there is.


easy-streetAfter years of financial chicanery, federal prosecutors have decided that Wall Street manipulators are both too big to fail and too big to jail.

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