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Live Stream with the Louisiana legislative newsmakers online, Bayoubuzz

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newsmakers lives legislature smallThe Louisiana legislative fiscal session starts today, is scheduled for no more than 17 days.  A week later, the regular session begins. For the first time ever, session watchers will be able to watch live streamed legislature information on Facebook and Twitter and on  

 The program called Bayoubuzz’s Louisiana Live: The Legislative Session will begin a soft-launch this week, focusing upon the issues and newsmakers of the day.  We are utilizing some of the best online video streaming tools and social media and content integration to broadcast the opinions of those "in the know" so you can keep informed.  The program will also be streamed live to

The live program is scheduled to run Monday through Friday for an estimated half-hour per program, twice a day. The tentative times  are 8 PM and 4 PM, subject to change. The focus initially is the budget and other issues will be discussed during the regular session.

The programs will focus upon the interviewees and less upon opinions of the moderator or host.  Here are the types of newsmakers who will be our guests:

Interviews and panel discussions with reporters, pollsters, analysts, Governor’s staff, legislators, organization heads, lobbyists, economists, educators, statewide officials and more.

Bayoubuzz has had a long history of Louisiana-legislature based interviews in the past having engaged in interviews with legislators, administration heads, lawmakers and businesses.

The program will be streamed in Louisiana Politics Facebook Group, Stephen Sabludowsky’s timeline and timeline and feeds of many of our guests as well as on the website.   Passages and transcript interview portions will be posted on the website.

We would love for you to participate in one of various ways.  Please email us if you have a topic you want discussed or if you want to be a guest, or recommend a guest. Also, if you would like to sponsor either whole or any part of the roughly four-month program, please click here.

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